Plumbing in upper kitchen cabinets??

Inspection today, drain pipes were found to extend below the unfinished ceiling into the upper kitchen cabinets.

Any REAL problems with this? I have not encountered this before?



Is this a condo or apartment, with separate units at each level? If so, this would be a firewall breach.

If this is a single unit (two floors), it’s not really an issue.

It is a single family house. I didn’t think so, but just wanted to see other opinions.


restaurant health inspector doesnt allow any unenclosed plumbing to run above food or food contact storage areas…I would fear moving around up stairs may cause paint chips or other harmful debris to come in contact with the drinking glasses or serving dishes…thats just my opinion after having been raised in the restaurant business.I am always watching for any hazzord that may effect the food chain.

Jeff, I have seen plumbing penetrate firewalls before… It was spec’d that way and acceptible by local jurisdictions, It was sleeved and had firestop around the perimeter at the drywall pentrations…

Plumbing penetrations through a firewall are fine if/when done properly. In the above picture however (if this were to be a fire separation), the second floor framing is exposed. That would be considered a breach no matter how you slice it.

Yes correct, Thanks Jeff…

Well whether or not this is acceptable in a single family, all I can say, this sh#t would not fly with my wife, and most likely write it up myself and find a reason. Standards anyone.???

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: