Poll- How many layers of asphalt shingles are allowed in your jurisdiction?

Trying to get an overall idea for the roof course.


Here in Northern CA two with the third everything has to be removed and replaced. However, in some types of roof everything has to be removed even if only one layer. Example; existing wood shake and new is stone coat steel, etc. Local AHJ’s make that call.

I believe the IRC states in the hail belt only one layer is allowed. My Local AHJ only allows one layer but that was only in the last few years they allowed two layers

Why did you stop at 3? :mrgreen:

we are allowed only 2 layers max on our roofs due to the snow loads that experience.

I guess I could have gone up to 27. Obviously not thinking clearly. :frowning:

Wasn’t it you that had the pic of the 10 or more layers of clay tiles all crumbling? 3 is the most I have ever seen, it wasn’t fun tearing that roof off, we had to get another dumpster.

Two, here in Michigan.

2 if they’re already there and in decent condition. If there is 1 layer and it needs to be replaced, its a strip off and redo … If 3 layers, tear off and reroof with 1 layer.

So read this as you will.