Polybutylene Risers & 4 points

On a four point inspection, are we to be reporting the presence of polybutylene riser lines that only extend from the cut off valves to the fixtures (faucets, toilets) & are not the hard plumbing lines behind the walls?
Were they included in the lawsuit as having problems?

Craddock 3213 W Sitka St - Polybutylene.JPG

Is it stamped as PB (PB2110 etc.)? There are pex supply lines being used that look like PB but aren’t - “Merflex” pex is one that comes to mind off the top of my head…

ETA: I don’t know if you’re required to report PB supply lines to Insurance Co.'s but if it is PB, I would definitely inform the homeowner & recommend replacement.

Don’t worry about the supply lines !
It the piping in the wall that counts.

No. I might wonder why a metal connector was used with PVC though. :wink:

We list main supply lines and fixture supply lines seperatly and let the insurance company figure out what they will accept.