Pool Inspections

I currently use a state CPC contractor for my pool inspections.

Can a CPO (pool service) contractor do the inspections also or do they have to be CPC licensed?

I’m aware that I can be certified and do the inspection also under the HI license through the NACHI course.

Thanks in advance for any info.

I use a CPO on high end pool installations with no problems.

Thanks William!

Anyone can inspect a pool.

Anyone can as long as they know what to look for

I was just looking for clarification

“Anyone” meaning ?

I understand it to be ok to use: 1. State pool contractor 2. Local licensed pool service - if they are competent to inspect 3. Home Inspector that has taken the NACHI course.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance😊

Literally anyone.
Clearly, you should be qualified, but there aren’t any requirements.


Thanks Dom and Preston;-)

Here is the free Pool & Spa inspection course: http://www.nachi.org/pool-spa-course.htm