Poor Photo Quality

I am just starting with HIP and Mobile
I took photos in HD Quality on tablet for mobile. Samsung Note Tab. Added notes and arrows… Uploaded report. When I compile it to its final form the Photos are poor quality and annotations totally unreadable.

On the tablet settings I changed quality to 5. Re-uploaded report…

What are the best quality settings and how do I correct this. Fortunately its a mock report as I am setting it up and reporting it.

Call HIP they will have you running in no time

If the picture is poorly composed, sometimes it can be fixed through cropping. One of the most common mistakes in photography is assuming that the camera is an extension of the eye. It’s not. The eye is an extension of the brain and the camera can only capture the same light the eye can see, but not the same concept that the brain beholds. That means that a shutterbug, clicking away, might look at a scene, think, “Oh, that looks neat!” and snap a quick picture. Later, they’ll look at the picture and kinda, sorta remember why they thought the scene looked neat, but be vaguely disappointed because, well, it’s just not the same. In all likelihood, buried in a mass of extraneous foreground and background distractions is the part that the brain thought looked good. The eye is sensitive to the light entering it but the brain picks out the parts that interest it in a lot of abstract conceptual ways.