Preferred Home Inspection Software

I need advise on which Home Inspection Software I should consider purchasing and why. Help me out with feedback!

Who that is a tough one… there are a few really great ones… you are pretty much going to have to try the free trials out… and decide. Each has their own preference and personal reasons why. Like asking which is best pickup truck… of course we all know answer to that one.

The best one for you is the one you bought after testing each one.

Great answer. I always say in the end you will be using the software to generate your report. So, don’t take my word for it, take 20 pictures around your home and go to the trial software you have and build a report. Call the company and test out their support along the way. You will naturally start to like one of them more.

Of course we know that Ford builds a better truck. Right? :smiley:

Jeff, check out Home Inspector Pro, HomeGauge and 3D. Those are the 3 most popular software programs on the market. Demo each, call support and ask questions or email and decide which you like the best.

Or read through the list.

Jeff, also know that popular does not mean the best… Pick the one that’s right for your unique business…

I would agree with that statement. :cool:

For another approach, try ReportHost. We are a web-based reporting system. No software to purchase up front or load on your computer. Use whatever computer/mobile device you want, and as many computers/devices as you want. If you want to use a mobile device in the field you can do so. 15 free reports for NACHI members and students - and no big investment ever, giving your business flexibility to grow and change as needed. Search the NACHI forums - there are lots of comments and users talking about ReportHost!

I agree, as do most home inspectors.
The rest are just plain junk.