President Of CMI - Thanks For Nothing

That’s the problem NICK.

There are some of us who love the idea you came up with when you
invented the CMI designation. It hurts to see the president of CMI
treat it like dirt… while promoting his own designation … that has
no validity or legal status.

Some of us paid good money, debated hard to join with with you
in the CMI birthing, and now watch in saddness as president Bozo
takes a piss on all of it. (and the new ED did’nt even show up
for the pissing).

It is time for change. What are we waiting on?

Originally Posted by gromicko
Master Inspector and/or Master Building Inspector cannot ever be granted a trademark, much less a certification mark. They are too similar to an existing protected certification mark that we all know and love :grin: .

That was well written and to the point.Thank you!

This is really amusing CMI BMI SMI.

I got jumped on in another thread for jokenly mentioning Senior Master Inspector and here we go someone must have read my thread but he is not going to get any of my money.

Does this undermine CMI looks like a bucket of water with a large hole in the bottom.

Did not know my old Granny but my old Pappy use to say a fool and his money are soon separated:)

I can make up some titles all kinds any takers.:stuck_out_tongue:

For those that wish to continue to dish and bash the future - have at it. I for one still support the idea, the designation, etc. and fully support Mr. Rowan.

I am ambivalent but hopeful. :roll:

Uh oh.

If your full “support” for former NH Rep Gale and his legislation rewrite, former VP Swift and his SOP rewrite, and others is any indication…Mr. Rowan (with his CMI rewrite) had better start packing his bags.:wink:

I’ll bet that He must have said that after he met someone’s :|.)“Wise Ole Toofless Staken Granny” at the Red Light district! \:D/

How should his decisions in running his for-profit company (which appears to sell unprotected professional designations which anyone can use anyway)… be impacted by his position at the non-profit, tax exempt Master Inspector Certification Board where he volunteers?

I’d rathar compare it with the success of NACHI and my full support behind its ideals. But if you choose to limit yourself, have at it.

I must admit that I am finding myself leaning in favor of licensure in Missouri…

The more you yak, the more I favor it. Keep up the good work…:wink:

As the president of a program such as CMI he has some influence over whether this program succeeds or fails. Since he has a competing program it seems to me that this is like putting the fox in to guard the chicken coop at night.

Little wonder when you find the carnage after the fact and then sit around and think “Hummmm, I wonder what happened?” Or hummmm, I wonder why this program is meeting with such little success? Why are the numbers so low?

As the owner of the for-profit company with his own “Master Inspector designation” it seems to me that he will be guiding/steering customers away from NACHI and towards his own program.

*]Any “good businessman” would try to see that his company survives and that his competitors do not. Do you think that Michael Rowan is a bad businessman? I think his past business track record speaks for itself.
The lack of “numbers” for the CMI program also speak for themselves.

Judging by your track record, your “favoring” of it will certainly go a long way in helping us prevent it. Thanks.:wink:

Insurance company’s like it and its structure. In fact they like it so well some are looking at extremely affordable Insurance options for those that carry the CMI designation.

Much deeper discounts/rates than anything that has ever been offered to NACHI or the CMI program to date in fact the industry. But like everything it will take some work and some changes, and coordination. Your ESOP seems unwilling if not arrogant to changes, and I respect those opinions. But, its no big deal, the offer will just move to another group for dissemination.

Again, No big deal. If NACHI and its members don’t want this program I’ll take it somewhere else.

40 minutes…

…63 minutes…

This member is happy and not excited we always go through learning curves and changes .
Thats life love it till I die… Cookie

I don’t think it is too much to ask for a president of CMI that promotes it.

I don’t think it is too much to ask that we have a president who is not
promoting something else while holding the office of our president.

What would all of us think if NICK started promoting ASHI while saying
he was the leader of NACHI???

Why is this hard to undertand?

It seems that NICK is waiting for his friend, Mr Rowan, to pull
something good out of the hat. I know it must hurt to think about it,
but Mr Rowan has got nothing to offer. It’s over. He can still be
a friend, but he has shown ZERO concern or action to help CMI…
in fact he has done more than anyone to oppose it.

Tell me I am wrong. :roll:

Changing presidents is not going to affect the insurance companies
or what they think about CMI. That is a non issue. They might
even think it improves CMI to have a president who gives a %$&#.

Hello, is anyone home?

John B said:
** “Again, No big deal. If NACHI and its members don’t want this program
I’ll take it somewhere else.”**

Relax John,

This is not directed at you. I’m upset with Mr Rowan.

Most men would not have the audacity to take the position of president and then
start promoting something else right in front of people’s face. Where is this
guys conscience?

I will never understand slimy salesmen. :neutral:

That’s not it, John.

It’s been almost two hours…and no one has asked John about the mystery program that he plans to take to some other association if we don’t want it bad enough to rewrite our SOP. No one bothered to even ask what it was, so he cancelled his post.

Is it kinda like the “make a donation” and then I will tell you deal?

oh my.

I am willing to make a donation to a good cause, but I don’t know if I
want to throw out the SoP just to hear about the “deal”.

You can’t can be right? Your playing with me?

Throwing out the SOP is Bushart’s ploy, not mine. I have better things to do then try to answer bogus inane questions. Bushart reminds me of those jerks who keep bringing up Pennsylvania, Nick and the fines. Instead of having intelligent banter he continuously resorts to bogus bull **** or some other nonsense. Former Representative Gale, for instance…Nice Guy, but I certainly did not support his bill. But yet, every time Bushart feels the urge he has to bring it up and make it sound as though I supported him because I went to some stupid meeting.