Price of Gas in Your State

Price of Gas in Your State

Gas prices are still going up for a while

I just bought a Toyota Prius.
45-48 mpg.

My truck was only getting 17 mpg and I drive
45,000 miles per year. It was killing me to
look at the pump when I had to fill the tank…:roll:

I drive a toyota corolla, 30 - 36 MPG… I’m on my second one. I keep them till 90K miles and trade them in… I’m going Prius next time as well. I filled up yesterday in Boron, CA for $4.04 per gallon for regular…

Wow… $4.04 p/gallon.
That is a killer. :frowning:

I drive a 1500 Dodge with tool box and full size ladder rack, it’s not a light truck to begin with. Missouri just went up to $3.29 a few days ago. it was $3.19 last week. They are talking about $3.50 by end of May

I drive a Ford F-150 Filled up today it was $80.00 At $3.48.9. Goes up evary day.

Boron? I didn’t even know there was a gas station there! :mrgreen:

It’s a Texaco station with (1) pump, the old dial type, you know, clickity clack while filling up. It was cash only and full service. For you Elvis fans out there, he is alive and well and pumping gas in Boron. I started to ask if he was an Elvis impersonator, but when in Boron, best to keep your mouth shut!:wink:

On this subject, with the high price of fuel these days - has anyone switched form a large truck to a small economy (4 cyl) for thier inspection business? I’m using a ford (hog) explorer and would like to downsize, but a 32’ ladder on a Toyota Prius? Looks kinda strange;-)

I just traded in my Nissan Frontier (17 mpg) for the Toyota Prius (46 mpg).
I put my fold up ladder in the hatch back. It fits perfectly.

I drive 45,000 per year. The price of gas is not going down IMHO.

I am happy…:mrgreen:

If I need a longer ladder (very rare), I can use my sons pick up.
I could even rent a big truck when I need it and still save tons of $$$.

Here is the kind of ladder I use ($99.00)

Why would you be caring a 32’ ladder?

I began my inspection business in 1985 using a Ford F250. I then switched to Ford F150’s. Then I switched to Ford Rangers. Then to toyota corollas.

I use a Yakima roof rack system and carry a standard 6’ ladder everyday and a 16’ extension ladder on ocassion. Everything about the toyota corolla is less expensive that my old truck days. Tires, alignments, brakes, oil changes and even car washes are less expensive. I save so much money on fuel, I almost get the car for free with the money I’ve saved. And I still get the same IRS mileage tax benefit.

I’ve even been thinking about buying a used Prius with an “Green Vehicle” sticker, here in California that will allow a single occupant to drive in the HOV lanes, (It’s a beautiful thing)…

A man after my own heart…:cool:

I don’t carry it all the time, but need access to it for environmental testing in industrial settings.

The 6’ step fits great in the back of the truck, which works fine in most residentail environments.

At 260lbs, I already have problems fitting into my wifes Chevy Prizm and get knee pain driving her honda crv. How much leg room is in the Prius?

Well guys, after talking to my accountant, and hearing her say that my mileage write off of 50.5 cents per mile doesn’t change no matter what I drive, I’m seriously thinking about an electric vehicle. I mean 100% plug in, not a hybrid.
The one I’m looking at is a truck with a rated top speed of 40 mph, although
the dealer I spoke with the other day said he gets them up to about 45-48. More than enough for city driving. The only drawback for me is the range, which is rated at 25 miles.
But with most of my jobs within a 15 mile range, I think I can make it work most of the time. I’ll just plug it in while I’m at the site, and get a few more miles. There is also a solar panel option, which constantly trickle charges the battery during the day.
The truck comes with 6 RV size batteries, and I talked to a battery dealer who said he could wire in six more if I have a box made for the bed. That would double my range to 50 miles, plus whatever I could get while charging them up during the day, plus the solar panel. All that would probably put the range up to about 60-70 miles.
The website says the MSRP is 12,500, but the dealer here is selling them for 10,999 without the solar panel.
He said you would not believe the looks and questions he gets while driving it around. I have to admit it’s an ugly beast, but who said saving money is pretty? :mrgreen:
With an estimated operating cost of 3 cents a mile, and the mileage write off of 50.5 cents, it looks like a winner to me. I think I’ll have a “Screw OPEC” bumper sticker made.
What I really want is the Zap-X, but that isn’t coming out for years :frowning:
Anyway, I’ll keep you posted when I get one, and let you know how it works out.
Here’s their website

Per Job, I travel about 75-150 miles round trip - electric won’t work for me.:frowning:

Now there is a company making one that runs on compressed air - that has possibilities!!!

This looks feasible

I have a '99 Toyota Corolla that averages about 27 mpg city/hwy. Gas prices in Santa Cruz are close to $4.00 / gal average.

Changeing the price at the station 10 minutes ago fro $3.38 to $3.48.

$4.00 right around the corner.

Brunswick, Maine

Two days ago it was $3.55. The next morning it was $3.65. That night, it was $3.69. All at the same station. Scared to drive by today. :twisted:

I gased up on Wed night @ $3.29 for an inspection 1 hour away the next morning. On my way to the inspection , it was $3.42. I think the “summer blend” (less polluting) surcharge kicked in.

Yeah, the range is the kicker. They’re working on new battery technology though, and it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with something that will get 200-300 miles. I will still need my gas vehicle for out of town jobs, but for the ones close in, electric looks good.