Problems With Flir Imager

Cool, I did not read much into it. Like I said, I have no camera and no thermo training, so no dogs in this hunt for me. Theft is theft.

Let’s spread more BS across the internet!

An E4 is an 80 x 60.
An E8 is 320 x 240!

NETD .15 vs. .06

No, they are not the same camera.

Software does not change hardware.

Do you think they just shut off 75% of the pixels so they can charge less?

Have you opened them and compared?

This is not the first link someone sent me about this.

I now have to debate, sending the poorly working unit back or hack it and having a better unit. Remember the sales persons also lied about the capabilities of this unit. If I hack it would not be getting even? I did legally purchase it and own it.

I actually think I will have it repaired and sell it. Much faith has been lost in Flir and the sales company.

Yes that’s exactly what they do. I used to work for a machine vision company called Cognex and they do the exact same thing. You spend all your R&D to develop the high end part and as the market calls you release lowered models with reduced features. They used the exact same hardware, as company with any business mentality hates keeping inventory on site, and this reduces the parts inventory greatly. Usually the hardware only makes up a fraction of the cost of the unit, they are trying to recoup their R&D funds. They just refer to this as software limited. Most companies will even allow you to purchase the firmware to upgrade your unit if you buy the lower model and then decide to upgrade.

I have seen one of the “upgraded” cameras in person, and it is a great camera, with a true full resolution imager. I’m not debating the legality of performing the upgrade though.

I had my T-300 upgraded to a T-400 through firmware. But you can not upgrade a T-250 to a T-300 or T-400.

Did you open it up and look?

Just like MSX can be added and taken away…

Intentionally shutting down 75% of the FPA? I don’t think so. But feel free to prove me wrong.
Maybe I can upgrade my T-400 to a 620 x 240 with just software!?


Well this AM, we shipped the brand spanking new FLIR E6 back to them for service.
We shipped it for delivery before noon on Monday, so here’s hoping they get to it fairly soon. Starting a new home inspector training class about 2nd week of March, so lets see if it shows up in time to be the demo OR if we use the faithful FLUKE

They will get to your camera 10 business days after they receive it.
That’s why you need a back up camera.
I picked up a back upa few months ago for around $3k.

The E4, E6, and E8 all have the same sensor capable of 320x240 resolution. Flir just cripples it with software. So yes you can buy the 1k camera and flash the software and have the same resolution and features as the 6k E8. And yes I’ve done it. The real theft is flir selling the E8 for 6k.

I have the E5 using it as an additional tool. Has helped locate a leak inside a wall and the Realtor was able to make repairs before it became a disaster.
It can see water heater elements and other things of course. If there was a way to flash it for an upgrade I am all ears. Mine too has shut off a few times after turning it on. Was thinking maybe not shutting it the right way when storing it? want to read up on it some more and hear more input.

Call Flir or you can just join the ranks of Hackers! :wink:

This is the case with the E30-40-50-60 and bx line as well. Send it in and for $1000-1500 more you can have the next model up.

I am not happy you guys are experiencing issues but happy because I was leaning towards looking at FLIR.
Dale bought one of the first new series from FLIR and was also disappointed with memory card errors and start ups on the second day.
Be it firmware or not, having to re-flash the firmware out of the box means there is a glitch.

Many can not afford a backup and if the outfitter offers no loner then downtime means money lost.

Listening to all the stories about FLIR’s new line up makes my decision to upgrade easy.
A note: Primo Instruments in Montreal will give me or other purchasers a loner.
I am going to be looking at the FLUKE Ti400.

Today FLIR told us to repair it, they needed a part they don’t have AND they did NOT have another new cam to send me to replace this one BECAUSE the E6’s are at least 4-6 weeks back-ordered. I was offered my $$$$$ back OR wait.

I’m re-thinking my decision to try a FLIR and would strongly urge others to also. I was gonna start demoing the FLIR infrared as a nice tool in my next home inspection training school starting next Monday … Not now … Couldn’t with good conscience recommend these to students.

The ONLY good part of this is that it wasn’t one of the high-dollar FLIR’s … Then I would really be pissed off RATHER than just mad as crap.

My / My …

Here is what I found out from someone very familiar with the process of hacking an e4 to an e8. (Don’t do it)

 	 		 			 				    This is actually correct.  All the FLIR Ex       series imagers  (E4/5/6/8 have a 320 x 240 detector inside!  The       output resolution  is controlled by “firmware” installed @ FLIR.  I       saw a video  online with instructions to upgrade the E4 to an E8       (it was  actually posted by a FLIR employee!!).  All you have to do       is  delete files from the cameras firmware. This is not as easy as       it  sounds, you need an extremely intimate knowledge of computer        programming to read and interpret the binary code.  The frame rate        speed is also 60hz native and slowed down to 9hz on all models!         The only difference between an E4 & E8 is the label on the        side and the software inside, all the internal parts are the       same.   It’s actually cheaper for FLIR to produce the product this       way.   All the product families (Exx/Txx/Ex) are the same inside.

 FLIR has taken steps to prevent this from being done on the current      models being shipped.  The system hack is only possible for the      original systems off the FLIR line.  

**This will immediately void any warranty and could open the buyer        up to legal action if detected by FLIR.  This could actually be        detected on a software upgrade online for FLIR tools.  These        systems could never be sent in for repairs or calibration.  My        only recommendation is buyer beware.** 			 		 	 	 


  Here is a video link of a hacker...

From Hacking a FLIR e4 into an e8 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

So my Flir was used again today(after following the instructions from the phone support) it did not store the images again! Thankfully I still carry the Fluke with me. I called to send it back, they were unsympathetic and offered me nothing.

On another note the sales company offered to give me less than I paid for a trade for a better camera!?

Waiting on the return authorization. You have to fill-out a form before they will give you RMA.

later that day
I received a file that I was not able to open, it was not associated with any file type. Unbelievable.

Time for a Fluke!

Flir’s still SORRY but don’t have parts (?? whatever that is … think they’re going for entire new circuit board) AND the E6’s are so popular they’re 4-6 weeks out on back-order.

Vendor has offered to give full rebate on another camera model they have in stock; refund my full purchase price; OR send a loaner (E8). Right now for expediency I chose the E8. They overnighted it to me.

Well checked with Flir again (3/21/14) and still no E6 in immediate future.

Now for the new flash of news. The E8 is nice, light, easy to use, great pics and resolution (especially in MSX mode) BUT on the 3rd job I used it on the little darling started doing the same thing the E6 did … She loves me, she loves me not.

Comes on 1 time … Next time you turn baby on she starts to come on THEN turns off … Yesterday with client and Realtor looking and watching I twice had to turn it on between 9 to 11 times to get it to come on. I’m sure that impressed the heck out of them.

For those of you debating Fluke or Flir … I like the smaller size, lighter weight, nice point and shoot WITHOUT focusing of the Flir BUT at that point the Fluke tears the Flir a new one.

Thank you.
Information like this helps purchasers.
Best regards.

I have a flir t 420, great quality, works every time, great options, Clients love what it offers.