Professional crawlpsace robot

Professional Crawlspace Robot

  1. Save time and money inspecting congested crawlspaces and foundations.

  2. Perform safe inspections without sacrificing quality using GESAR INC’s crawlspace robot.

  3. Our tracked crawlspace robot is manufactured to be rugged and durable.

  4. It comes with everything to enable you to perform inspections and provide video proof to your customers before or after making repairs.

  5. The robot comes with pan, tilt, lights and recording.

  6. Price is $2200 plus shipping. Lead time is 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture and test before shipping to you.

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Video of robot in action -

What makes this metal box any better or different than the other metal boxes already for sale? The wiring on the top of the box is really messy and likely to get caught on most hanging items in the crawlspace.

it is quite a mess compared to my superdroid crawler I have. its a bit more expensive but well worth it.

Much cleaner and uses a dewalt battery. Larger tracks. no exposed wires all over the top.

Coming to the market soon. The all new BIGCrawler BarNone edition.

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$2200 plus shipping…At that price shipping should be included !!!

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That is actually the lower end on pricing for the boxes.

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Did Foxeer start up Legend production again?

Okay great. Where can I get information for this crawler. I need a robot for crawl space and foundation inspection. Thanks InterNachi CMI and Engineer. 575-263-1435