Pst & esi report

Can any info be found for garage doors depending on these evaluation reports that i cant find anywhere?
Thanks in advance

In 2003 SBCCI combined with ICC Evaluation Services It would be considered a “Legacy” report which you search for here . It might still be available.

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Are you wondering for the wind mitigation?
If it doesn’t look like impact, and doesn’t have the label, you can assume it’s still wind pressure rated if installed after 2003.
Otherwise, it’s just labeled as ‘x’

Yes for wind mitigation.
Well i cant assume things that are not verified.
Building is 2000
No signs of impact.
But was trying to see if anyone has come across this evaluation report and what it shows to us.
Thanks Daniel

No label, rating data or other details is a common occurrence. If it has been tested and rated or approved, it will be listed somewhere. Only certain ratings qualify for Wind Mit purposes.

You can search for product approvals here:

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