Public Adjuster Insurance Scam, shocking

here is another…Guess this profession is just filled with scam artists…

Ethics lessons from Frick & Frack… :roll:

You know your buddy Shishilla is an adjuster, right? :mrgreen:

John is not an adjuster, he holds an adjuster license. Two different things…

An adjuster allowed us to rebuild our storm damaged house a while back after the insurance company low balled us.

Every profession has scam artists just like every profession has people who always try to do what is best for their clientele. Just the way it is.

For the record, I am an Accredited Claims Adjuster. I simply took the classes to became and adjuster, received my license and I let it expire. I wanted the education not the work. But thanks for trying to keep up.

I also have several other certifications and am working on a few more. If you would you like to know about those, just ask and I will tell you.

Ethics lessons from Frick & Frack/QUOTE

I merely posted a link to a story. No ethics lesson today. But if you want to know my ethics, regardless of what you may think you know of me Joe, I referred a caller to you today that needed an inspection in Lakeland. Not sure if you service there or not, but it’s a heck of alot closer to you than I, so I gave them your info and talked you up.

Don’t have to save face for me, he’s your buddy. :lol:

Fixed… Russ isn’t a bullter, he holds a bullters license. :mrgreen:

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the referal… I just don’t believe the majority of Public Adjusters are crooks, it is like every other profession somewhere in the single digits percent. Besides, some of the finest inspectors I know hold adjuster licenses, but I do know just who Russ was directing his comments to, I just wanted to remind him who actually holds these licenses besides his enemies.

Nope, I got my point across. :wink:

Where is Bushart when we need him? Isn’t this his new expertise??

And all along with me thinking Russ had the inside track,what was I thinking. :roll::slight_smile:

What was his old expertise?

I ‘heard’ it was selling hearing aids. But I cannot confirm b/c I do not know the true answer to your question.