QOD for 11/14/08 more ladder safety

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here’s a continuation question about lader safety.



horizontal or 90 degrees below vertical

Huh, you lost me (and I suspect, yourself :mrgreen:)


Well if the ladder is on the ground, ie horizontal it is pretty safe now isn’t it? ;):smiley:

This is the safest ladder set-up anyone could ever obtain…



That’s no way to get on a ladder. What is he thinking?

oh OK I get it :shock:

I’d agree it is pretty safe in that state, unless of course you were still attached to it when it assumed that position :wink:


Depends on who you ask!



The horizontal distence from its top support point to the foot of the ladder is 1/4 of the unsupported length of the ladder. Or equal to a – degree angle at the level grade.

Marcel :):smiley:

Second Clue;

Look at the little picture on the side of the ladder. I think they call it instructions. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

I think they put those in the wrong place Marcel, they should be BOLD on the 10th step face, not at the bottom on the side where you’ll only read them while waiting for the Paramedics :shock:



Excellent question by the way. You can not be too safe on a ladder.

What were they thinking?


David, maybe that is what they call a Roofers Slide. Slide material up and down. :):smiley:

Thats gonna leave a mark…

Hi to all,

the base of a ladder should be 1 ft out for every 4ft of eave height, this equates to a little under 15 degrees from the vertical.