Win some great prizes: What questions do you ask incoming callers?

Obviously you ask where the home is and how large it is. But do you ask them much else?

I’m trying to build this inspection sales script generator and I can have it adjust the script depending on what your prospective client says on the phone.

What year was it built, How many stories, Basement or crawls, pool etc…
Are you in a gated community.
How will I get in?
Who will be meeting me there.
Are the utilities all on?

If we use your ideas in the script generator, we’ll send you some awesome stuff from

Congrats, are you a first time home buyer?

How many days did they give you to get an inspection? That it? It keeps getting shorter and shorter.

Is it currently occupied?

Did you see anything when you looked at the house that has you concerned?

And how soon would you like your inspection .

Who should I call when I am heading there to confirm someone will be there. How will you be paying?

Did you already schedule your radon test? Yes, the EPA and Surgeon general recommend every home be tested.

Do you need a termite or want a mold or pool inspection?

How did you find us? Great we love referrals.

Is it on septic tank or sewer?

I even ask how many bedrooms and baths.

Tell the client about IR and ask them if they need this added to the home inspection?

Do you want to schedule the insurance inspections you will likely need at this time?

Do you have any concerns with the property?

How would you like to receive the report on site or computer generated same day?

Will you require a Septic inspection?

Will you require a WETT inspection?

Have you had an inspection before?

How did you hare about BLANK BLANK Home Inspection?

Will you be present for the inspection? If not where can I send the pre-inspection agreement?

Are there any special concerns or noticeable issues with the property i can answer?