Questionable installs

#1 They installed the chimney liner T inside the chimney & did a great job of breaking the bricks. I always see the Y fitting outside the chimney. Seems like a poor install. Q. Would you call this out? I think the installer was to lazy or stupid to do it right.

#2 Attic power fan. Cut the **** out of the rafters & did a poor job flashing & roofing over the exterior vent & it showed indications of leaking in the attic.

#3 New PVC DWV stack was installed. The floor sank were the pipe entered the floor & indications of moisture observed. I personally think the main pipe under the floor may be broken or blocked.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

By the way. The cat in the picture with the DWV was cracking me up. He would chase after my flashlight beam and I have a pen that is chained to my clipboard that the cat was amused by.


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92307 018 (Small).jpg

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Hi David,
I would certainly question the chimney liner install. Although I have seen many scenarios where the liner T’s inside the chimney, the brickwork (or lack there-of) in this case is shoddy at best. -Tom