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Where do you get the reports to fill out for your inspections. I know , a dumb question but if you don’t know , icon_redface.gif ask. thanks greg

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If you're not going to use computer genereated reports, your best bet is to have your forms made up by a local printer who designs business forms.
You need to inform them of the contents and style that you would like to see contained into your report and they will design triplicate forms for you.

It'll get expensive, having these forms printed up. Especially their set-up fee. Your only other option is to go with computer generated reports where you can purchase blank paper only, but now your looking at expenses in the computer, printer and ink supplies. Spend it somewhere.

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Greg, check out AHIT. They have a pre-printed spiral bound book that covers the home in a very thorough way, provides the client with 3 copies, you with 1 copy. They are a bit pricey, but if your hand writing is legible for additional comments, they work quite well.


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Greg -

I'm sure that wherever you attended home inspection training school, has samples of probably 30 - 50 different home inspection report forms, including their own. Maybe you didn't think about during class but that exposes you to the good and bad points of many systems at 1 time. Why don't you stop in and look them over. The 2nd thought is that many of the Tool Magazines for home inspectors have samples you can buy. I think 1 such magazine is called "Professional Equipment" or something similar. Another source is looking in the home inspector trade magazines, like ASHI's "Reporter", the NAHI "Forum", The Communicator, etc. They have dozens of companies advertising their wares monthly. Many of the suppliers have free or inexpensive samples of the reports they sell.

Its not usually feasible or practical for a new guy to print up his own reports. To start with he/she doesn't know enough to know what to put in and what to leave off. The next factor is cost. The smaller the volume, the higher the cost. The inspection reports I use are 3 part NCR printed on both sides of the page, and 15 pages long (29 total printed sides). The final though is that most home designed forms look exactly like that - crude. When you buy from a large inspection form vendor you can buy 25 sets or 500 sets - its more economical till you get on your feet good.

the checklist with comments you see every day on 1 side - then the back of the facing page has graphics or info regarding issues on the checklist.

I buy 1,000 sets at a time and it costs me $4 per set. Last year my supplier had a fire and I ran out of forms while they were down. At a local printer like Kinko's, it cost me $9.50 per set to get 50 sets done to hold me over till the supplier was back on their feet.

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I made my own using “Word”. Its about 15 pages long and includes all components in the house. Each section has a sub section and an area to write my findings. I tailored it to the way I do the inspection. It works for me. Its in the computer and I go and make copies when I need to.


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anyone out there have a good form for the customer’s summary page ?

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