Radon Test Moniter ??????????

**Has any one any info on this or this company , **
I get a bad feeling … Roy

**Item Name: **
Radon Pro 3 Radon Test Monitor
Item #:
**Radon Pro 3 **
Price/ea: Canadian $
**$149.00 **


Continuous Home Radon Testing**
Canadian VersionNot for sale outside Canada Model HS79712**
Designed for the Canadian guidelines for radon alarm point of 200 becquerels per cubic meter.

Add this Pro3 **digital radon gas alarm
**for your **home safety. **Avoid exposure to **radon gas **that causes **lung ****
****cancer **. Learn if your home or business need **radon mitigation **. This **electronic radon monitor **is the only EPA evaluated **radon gas alarm **, the **Safety Siren Pro 3 Electronic Radon Gas Detector **.
As seen on TV, this is not like a single use **radon tester **detection kit: radon information from this **digital radon gas monitor **for home testing is
continuous: **indoor air quality **regarding radon gas is updated hourly with this radon gas monitoring device.
The clear, easily read digital radon level display of the **pro series 3 radon detector **shows short-term radon levels as well as long-term **radon level **averages. The Safety Siren electronic radon monitor gives its first radon reading after 48 hours of radon gas sampling.

Radon gas in air or water is a health hazard resulting from uranium breaking down in soil. Exposure to radon can cause lung cancer.
Continuous home radon monitoring is recommended in high radon areas or when radon mitigation systems are used. Radon gas levels change according to humidity and season. See **“Radon Facts” **below the radon monitor information.

**Family Safety ****
****Products’ Electronic Radon Meter Features: **
· **USA EPA Evaluated. **

Not for sale to residents of the State of Iowa nor for shipment to Iowa residents
per Iowa Department of Public Health Rules, Chapters 43 (136B). Please contact
the Iowa Department of Public Health at (515) 281-7689 for further information.
· **Numeric LED radon gas
detection level display range: **.1 to 999.9 in pCi/L. Short and
long term readings.
· **Short-term readings:
**7 day radon average.
· **Long-term readings:
**radon averages since powered-up or last reset. 5-year maximum.
· **Audible alarm **if short
or long-term radon gas averages are 4 pCi/L or greater.
· **Continuously samples air
****. **Display updates hourly.
· **Failsafe self test:
**every 24 hours. Error code
displays if test fails.
· **4 function menu button
**Green LED illuminates next to S (short-term) or L (long-term) display.

  1. User can manually test detector operation.
  2. Button to mute or reactivate audible alarm when unit is in alarm state .
  3. Begin new test: clear and reset radon monitor memory.
    · Audible alarm signals if :
  4. Long term radon level is 4 pCi/L or greater.
  5. Short term radon level is above 4 pCi/L for 30 consecutive days.
    · **10 ft. power cord
    **for radon detector placement away from walls, windows and doors.
    **Family Safety Products Safety Siren Pro 3 Digital Radon Alarm ****
    ****Specifications: **
    · **Sensor: **Ionization chamber
    · **Full scale reading: **999.9 pCi/L
    · **Short term: **Average radon levels over past 7 days.
    · **Long term: **Average radon reading from last reset or initial power up,
    maximum 5 years sampling. Automatic reset after 5 years.
    · **Audible Alarm: **85db at 10cm. Beeps hourly if short or long term radon
    levels are 4pCi/L or greater. May be muted by user.
    · **Accuracy: **+/- 20% pCi/L
    · **Displays Reads to 10th, No Rounding Up: **Example. 4.20 pCi/L, not 5.0.
    · **Averaging Frequency: **Hourly.
    · **Continuous Monitoring **: Hourly Display Updates.
    · **Lock Tab: **Insert center outlet screw through tab for tamper
    · **Operating Environment: **0° C (32° F) to 70°C (158° F)
    · **Storage Environment: **-20° C (-4° F) to 85° C (185° F)
    · **Dimensions: **4.7" x 3.1" x 2.1"
    **Power Source: **
    o Input: 120v AC/60Hz at 9 Watts
    o Output: 18v DC/200mA
    · **Sensor Voltage: **250VDC
    · **Weight: **8 ounces
    · **Final accuracy test **for each Safety
    Siren Pro 3 radon detector is comparison against a professional SUN Nuclear
    radon testing unit.
    · **Notes: **The Pro 3 radon monitor requires **48 hours **sampling time
    before first accurate reading displays. **Always clear ****
    ****the memory **before beginning a new radon measurement in
    another room or level of your home or building. If you plan to compare against a
    radon canister test, clear the memory and begin and end the tests at exactly the
    same time.
    · **Evaluated by US EPA: Meets performance criteria for the continuous radon ****
    ****protocol. **
    · **Warranty: **One year limited
    · If the customer deems the device defective, it must be returned to the
    Manufacturer, and undergo testing. Upon the results of testing; if the device is
    defective it will be replaced at no charge to the customer. If the device in not
    defective a $35.00 testing fee may apply.
    **Radon Facts: **
    · Radon is a colorless, tasteless and odorless radioactive gas produced by
    uranium breaking down in soil. Radon testing is important as high level
    accumulations of radon gas are hazardous to long-term health. According to the
    Iowa Department of Public Health, the Iowa radon survey indicates that Iowa has
    the largest percentage (71.6%) of homes above the US Environmental Protection
    Agency standard of 4pCi/L than any other state.
    · The Surgeon General states radon is second to smoking as the leading cause
    of lung cancer deaths in the United States.
    · The EPA and the Surgeon General recommend radon testing from the lowest
    living level through the 2nd floor.
    · Radon gas decays into radioactive particles that can be trapped in lungs as
    you breathe. As particles break down, small bursts of energy release that can
    damage lung tissue, leading to lung cancer. Not everyone exposed to elevated
    radon levels develops lung cancer. Time between exposure and lung cancer onset
    may be many years.
    · Home radon gas levels are not stable. Over a one-month period, radon gas
    readings can vary from safe to dangerous. Radon levels change due to humidity,
    temperature, ventilation and season.
    · EPA currently recommends corrective action if radon levels exceed 4 pCi/L (4
    Pico-Curies per liter) on a long-term basis.
    · Radon gas detection requires sensitive radon test equipment.

I have one of those devices–So far no complaints–its only been loaned out to friends and relatives so no feedback commercially. I don’t have anything else to compare it to or do a side by side so no comment there. Very easy to setup and the readings are clear (albeit in pCi/L)

What’s your concerns Roy?

WHY This ???

Version****Not for sale outside Canada Model HS79712

Not for sale to residents of the State of Iowa nor for shipment to Iowa residents
per Iowa Department of Public Health Rules, Chapters 43 (136B). Please contact
the Iowa Department of Public Health at (515) 281-7689 for further information.

It is really a residential unit, see same one here on Amizon.

Read customer reviews … some good and some not so good.

But I seriously doubt that the readings are accurate… if you bought half a dozen and placed side by side… readings may vary. If beside a commercial unit would be only way to tell for sure if not in a lab.

It is ok for what it is designed for, making an alarm for a homeowner…

I tested the Safety Siren unit at my own home…where I used to average 17…against an RS 800 and an RS 300. It was consistently 4-6 pCi/L off. They are not accurate in the least.

Good to know–for future reference ROY–using all caps to “scream” at people is not what I would consider good “netiquette” Your message could have been as easily conveyed at 12pt font as at 26pt…

I don’t typically take offense but you have to admit that was a bit over the top for someone providing feedback to an item you asked about…

As far as not being for sale in canada, it could be something as simple as the units not being metric enough or the lack of french labelling…

Sorry ,
Thanks for the reminder…Much appreciated Roy …I shrunk my post too

4 pCi/L (4
Pico-Curies per liter) I strongly suspect it is a metric thing. Just as we cannot sell products without french label they many not approve products without readings in U.S. approved measurement. Most in U.S. simply would not understand them and an alarm set for our offical limits would not necessary be the same as their limits. Only in Canada eh !

I just ordered one from Amazon USA Same price in Canadian $ .
I like amazon for their easy return if not satisfied .
I get all my USA shipment’s sent to
https://www.kinek.com/kpointC/Landing.action?page=border .
Cost is $5.00 per package .Very pleased have used them for years .
Never a problem .
Some things in USA sure are cheaper example a powered 12 ft Awning cost me from Home Depot USA about $925.00 .
From Costco Canada was about $2,700.00 .
Money was par at that time .
Add 15% = close to par now