Re: JVI Inspections Re-inspection Project

Just received an offer from JVI to do wind mitt inspections for them. They are offering to pay me $55 per inspection. Has anyone worked for these people before? What do you know about them? Below is my response to their email.

Hello Jeff,
Thanks for the email inviting me to be a part of your organization.
First, I do not have the certifications to do re-inspections for Citizens, which means I will only be able to do new inspections for Citizens.
Second, Citizens pays $125 for wind mit inspections, you then pay me $55. How many inspections are you going to guarantee me per day? Do I work 5, 6, or 7 days per week.
Third, what benefits are there to joining your company as apposed to Allied American?
Forth, with all the new additional insurance requirements that you are going to impose (which exceeds those required by the State of Florida) what if any benefits does JVI give to their inspectors?
Looking forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,
Aubrey Kahn VP
Firm Foundation Home Inspections Inc
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Kissimmee, Fl. 34746
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I doubt they will even give you the courtesy of a response

I second that


Lets all refuse to work for $55.

I agree with you Steve but people don’t learn, theirs a responsibility (liability to the inspector) when you sign this form. Why people give them away for $55.00 and 75.00 when you can get more. Then they B---- and complain that things are so bad when they [FONT=Verdana]themselves de-value the work…[/FONT]

Thats crazy pay! Aubrey I will bet youwill not any response. I am sure John and Dennis are working on a much better project and I will wait for them. To each his own. If you need the work, then what can you do?

After you pay your 33% in taxes, overhead what are you working for? About $10 per hr.

No Nick, most will make at least $25 an hour. Because they will go fast, miss stuff, not care, and care less if they get “let go” and will make the money while the getting is good.

Pay people a crap wage, usually gets you a crap job.

I have no intention of prostituting myself for $55 per hour. I am just curious as to what they have to say. I completed the new Wind Mitt course run by Bill York last week in Orlando and so they must have gotten my information from the York website. It will be interesting to see what they have to say if they bother to reply. I will keep everyone posted via this mb if they bother to reply.

Just think with the right marketing plan you could attract out of work contractors to do these for you at $25 per hour allowing you to keep $30 per hour without having to do any work yourself. :roll:

The My Safe Florida program bombed when out of work Adjusters were employed to do inspector work, does anyone believe using out of work contractors to perform 1802 reinspections will turn out any different?

What Joe B. says is true. I went through one (actually two different outfits) of the programs / training workshops for one of the WCE in the early stages of the MSFH program and I was the ONLY home inspector in a room full of people. Everyone else was an insurance adjuster or a housewife looking for part time work. When it got to the end of the course they finally told us what we were going to make (after buying their shirts with logos, plus some other expenses; additional insurance that protected them, etc.). It was less than $50, because after all “they” were doing all the scheduling, taking ALL the risks. The moderator asked me during the break if I thought this was something I would be interested in doing for them. My answer was “Not just NO, but hell NO”. Like I said earlier in another thread, I, and others have gone through all this crapola with several of the old WCEs and all of us came to the same conclusion. Way too much for way too little. We were also told we would have to “commit” at least three days a week to doing just their jobs. We would be assigned an area within a couple of zip codes but may not necessarily get the job even if we were the ones who went out and ginned it up. It “might” get assigned to someone else within their company who had more seniority or were bigger producers for the company. So, at the end of that day I took my ditty bag and went home and skipped the last day when they were going to sign everyone up who wanted to play ball.

I know of another very good, experienced inspector here in the panhandle who signed up with one of the WCEs and their promise was everyone would be getting 10-20 jobs per day and makes thousands of dollars. He never got a single job. They would send some of their own full time folks up from south FL to do the jobs locally. I personally believe they just needed a lot of names and numbers of inspectors so they could satisfy the State requirements and look like on paper they had a huge staff of sub-contract inspectors, meanwhile doing and keeping most if not all the jobs within the tight circle of their organization.

I did the MSFH project, never left my home town, except for training and did 40-50 every week. It worked out well for me.

I’m just gonna call bullshlt, and be done with it. :roll:

You call everything that you do not like. I can show you every report.:stuck_out_tongue:

You get what you pay for. Paying someone $55 to do an inspection is never going to work. It has already been tried. It was called the MSFH program and we all know how accurate those inspections turned out to be.

I personaly know another individual who has had four wind mitigation inspections QA’ed through the “Citizen’s Outreach Program.” In all four cases the QA inspections returned conflicting results and the homeowner had to have a third inspection completed.


I have already procured a lawyer in case this very scenerio plays out with my business. I suggest you all think about that as well.

I do believe that someone sold Citizens a load of bullshlt about the millions of dollars the are going to recoup from this boondoggle.

Well, here it is. I received a reply from JVI today in response to the email I sent them (which I posted at the beginning of this thread. Again, I am not looking to prostitute myself. I was signed up by Allied American at one stage because they were looking for 75 inspectors to do wind mitts in central florida and in 18 months (after paying for trainiing attending their orientation down near Naples) I have not received any leads.
Anyway, here is the emial.

Jeff Marks

to me
show details 11:47 AM (11 hours ago)


You are correct. At this time, Citizens will not allow HI’s to perform re-inspections. In addition to the re-inspections, we also provide private wind mitigation and other services such as 4point, mold, Chinese drywall and more that we could potentially use you for.

The $55 fee is only for the Citizens re-inspections. For all of JVI’s private wind mit inspections that we receive, the fee to the inspector is $66. Citizens pays Inspection Depot $125 not JVI. We try to be as fair as we possibly can be with our fees but there are also many costs associated with managing and reviewing each inspection report prior to sending it out to the homeowner.

I wish that I could guarantee you a particular number of inspections per day but I cannot. Currently, the majority of our inspections are down in the southeast region of the state however it can change without notice. We are continually seeking new clients to offer our services to and are working to eventually expand to a nationwide level.

The insurances required are set by Citizens and only apply to the re-inspection program. Outside of the program, JVI only requires the $1million GL policy.

What I try to explain to inspectors interested in working with JVI is that by joining our roster, you give yourself the opportunity to receive additional work that you do not have to market and that will help act as a supplement to your current business. By working with JVI, you always have the option to accept or decline any inspection sent to you, and you also have the right to work with anyone else that you see fit while also working with JVI. You are not bound to only working with JVI.

Ultimately the decision is up to you. We are continually searching for qualified individuals that would like to team up with us. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to assist you.


**Jeff Marks ****| Panel Management | JVI Inspection Division, LLC ******
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pretty straightforward answer - i’m impressed.

I worked for JVI during the MSFH program. Without entering the debate over the pay I did earn and was paid $35,000.00. It was a whole lotta work for that money.

Were you a W2 employee or a 1099 consultant?