Received The Homeowners Handbook

Hi Nick,
Just received The Homeowners Handbook today. Thank you very much, we expect to be handing them out very soon.


Ordered 50 weeks ago. Have yet to recieve them.

Don’t worry, they’re the southwest edition anyway. All about stucco.

Hi Nick: Received the “Homeowners Handbook” last saturday January 31st. Great book and will be distributing right away. Thanks again, Tom Kollias
Kollias property Inspections, Inc in Tinley park, Illinois.

Have you been a good boy???:twisted:

Got mine, Thanks Nick

Just received the handbooks and will be handing them out tomorrow.
Thanks Nick.

Received mine also. Thank you.

I received my 10 copies last week. Thank you so much. It is a wonderful resource and well written. I will be heading out to offices this week to hand them out. I am always spreading out the word about InterNachi and now have some great material to back it up. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Morgan Wood
Home Inspections of Louisiana, LLC

Wow you’ve been waiting a long time! Another two weeks and it’ll be a year

Hey Nick I recieved the Homeowners manuals today and many other items. Thanks Again.

Hi Nick,

I got my “Homeowners Handbooks.” Thanks alot, they look great!

Nick, I received the books the other day…Thank you! You are the man!

Also got mine this week, thanks

Yea all of mine except one where the old edition that Nick sent me. Think I’ll wait to hand out until I invest in the newer addition. Much more professional looking.

I lucked out, received one old and the rest new. They do look more professional.

If you’re not going to use the old ones why don’t you return them or better yet send them to me. I’ll use them. I have both versions, I give the newer ones to my clients and older ones go to Realtor offices.


I’m still handing out to realtors at the inspection. I’m just not going to use them for demonstration within my binders in the brokers office. I would rather use the newer ones. If I don’t end up handing them out for some reason you’ll be the first to get them.


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Thanks Chris, but for some reason my Acer netbook shows alot of the threads as locked even though i’m logged in. Would you know how to correct this?