Relocating to the Austin area

Thank you Dan, I already have most of it done. The rest I can get right here. After 8 years in the profession I am not too crazy about sitting in a classroom for hours and hours. After I get moved and settle in I will start taking care of the remaining classes I need. Thanks for the advice!

My GF grew up around Daytona, Flagler Beach & Jacksonville. Lived in Houston 30 years, got divorced and thinks she wants to move back to that area (Flagler Beach).

At this point in life, I can’t see wanting to start over in smaller area like that. Plus like you … More training, classes, licenses, etc, etc

Dan… grand kids are my incentive to move!! That, and the challenge of uprooting and starting over my business. It was sooo much fun the first time…:roll:

Good luck to your business Fred! :slight_smile:

Hi Fred. I was contemplating a move to Austin earlier this year, so I acquired some Austin specific domain names. I’m not going to use them now, so if you’re interested, I’m selling them cheap just to cover some of my cost. See this thread