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Post: Basement Moisture
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Posted by: rcooke
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I would defend him but since he has thrown me to the wolves. Get him, get him NOW !!!

Like I really give a crap you whinny little pus.

How do you really give a s h i t about such crap. Un-believable and you and those of like mind are on the awards committee, what a shame… Get a life Jonas you loser.

LOL really?

Yes Cornerspurt…Really. How boring does ones life have to be to mess with an old retired guy???

So meeker I was commenting on the complaint . nothing to do about you , However you had to comment lol :wink:

Ok my bad sorry. I will delete :slight_smile: I can admit being wrong :slight_smile:

You have far more opportunity to practice than you take advantage of.

Not nearly as much as you. See I admit it when I am wrong. You stick to your Bull s h i t till the end. Not how a MAN handles things at all. That is the difference between You and I…

The last time you jumped up and down swearing I was wrong didn’t turn out so well for you. You’re welcome to try again. Find one and I’ll fess up to it.

You’re only ever right by accident.