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Post: Inspector has an accident ///
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No one takes Grumpy Roy seriously Paul but thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark! Name’s actually Pat… :wink:

I understand that but if he wants to blow his BS horn, he’d better follow the Association rules rather than being such an ignorant hypocrite and feeding everything back to the other trouble kids on IN.

Maybe he needs to be reminded that he doesn’t get to make the rules to pad his own trunk… You’re probably right as he’ll spit some excuse to justify himself.

Sorry Pat. I mashed your last and first names together. oops

Easy to do when the MB messes with Members names…

What’s funnier is that he called you mark…lol

You both get an A for friendliness though!:D:D

It blew right past me.

I get called Mark quite often.

There is a story but for another day.:smiley:


Hmmm… Sheldon Cooper moment… :wink:

Am I wrong?

@Jeff: Hey sarcasm is the spice of life!!

@Mike: I get called Tim all the time. I feel your pain!