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He is a member and can not be moderated

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I don’t want the public to see this and belong to a group that puts up with this crap.

Take it the esop or nick

That Linas certainly has a way with words. If only he would come out of his shell and stop holding back what he really thinks …

I always thought he was kind of funny in a crude way.

He sure gets on some peoples nerves.

Listen guys. We are all adults here.

Get over it.

Man up Will. Are you any relation to Will Smith, the actor?? What are your thoughts on this Trayvon Martin murder case? Please feel free to speak freely.

Log and short of it ,No one really cares or listens to some people.

Don’t want to make this bigger than it is or give someone there 15 minutes of fame. I would like to think in a professional organization some degree of civility would dictake how people respond to comments. Obviously, this is not the case here for some but it is for the majority.
Be well.

Grow some balls or put me on ignore.

Give some to dip s**t …he don’t have any .