Resnet Certified Inspectors

I am busy talking to a large company that does electrical, plumbing and a/c in Central Florida. They are interested in air quality and energy audits and I am trying to get them to subcontract instead of investing in all the training, equipment etc. If you would be interested in doing energy audits and passing on the reports to this company so they can then quote on the work that needs to be done, let me know.

For the right price I am interested in any extra work I can get. Gotta make a profit though. Im in the Tampa Bay area.

Do they get to Brevard?

I will be finding out what there total coverage area is and let you know. In the interim would you give me a ballpark figure of what you guys are charging. I would rather not have them try and dictate the price but rather tell the client what they could expect to pay. If you would rather not reveal what you charge at this time I understand completely. Hopefully we can get this worked out and all make some extra money. I would probably have to go on the course and but the equipment.

I would need to see the forms they require you to fill out for the inspections to make an accurate price determination.

I’m interested but have the same questions before I could give a number. What froms do they require and how involved are they? What kind of lead time and turn around time etc.? I’d be able to cover any thing in Citrus County.

The certification costs about $1400.00 and you need about $4000.00 in equipment to get started.

I am trying to get all that information. As soon as I have any answers I will post them for all to see.