Count Down 23 months to retirement I am one happy Guy! Working 42 years, time to slow down. Need to enjoy what life has to offer me while I can enjoy it.

That’s a fine looking bluegill you’ve got there! :mrgreen:

And that fish is kinda cute, too…

I thought it was a crappy (and we don’t call them “croppy” down here:p).

Early Spring(cold water) Crappie are one of the best tasting fish.

They tun to mush in warm water.

4 lbs. test, ultralight rod and 1/32 oz. jigs work best for me.

I think you guys are all liars.:wink:

Well Duh, we’re fishermen.:wink:

Everglades 2 in an hour same size same spot rubber worm great day fishing!

fishing trip everglades2006 001.jpg

fishing trip everglades2006 002.jpg

Same size ,same spot,same picture.

I took both one after another. The guy I was with caught 4 pretty close the same size.

You may have mixed up the pictures as I see the exact same gill and fin pattern in both.

And the clouds, and your arm position against the horizen and your hat in relation to the tree… :wink:

actually the hand position is quite different, but the smell…very much the same…

Enjoy it. That is why I live on the water now if I ever get to quit I am not doing much other than fishing or spending time with the family on the water.

Keep you eye out for the big a-s pontoon boat at John Loyd park.

I am usually the only pontoon there on the weekends. I even got married there.

Alfred if you get to the Palmetto area get in touch I will take you to some flats and mangroves.

Nice fish but it begs the question, what they hell are you going to do when you retire? :smiley:

The weather began to change for the better here yesterday evening. Fishing was decent. Here’s a couple from last night. Looking forward to a great week of fishing.

Snook season is once again open in Florida, another home inspector and myself are planning a trip later this week, can we borrow some photos? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not yet caught a Snook but it is on my bucket list. :wink:

I’m still waiting for my first snook too, maybe this year. :smiley: