Rinnai Condensate Drain

Does anyone have a picture of a properly installed condensate line as outlined in the manual for a RL94i below? Thanks!

Nathan, tis is the installation manual for the Rinnai RL94i but I don’t see aa properly installed drain line diagram.

This is another model with a diagram on page 48. They may be the same?

Edit: No, it doesn’t look like it. :neutral_face:

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The image I posted is from the installation manual and it looks like there should be a section of tubing from the vent connection at the top of the unit and down the right hand side of the unit (when looking at the control panel) with a loop to possibly/probably prevent blow-by.

Didn’t see one on the unit I saw in the field, but most of these in my area are outdoor models.

There also isn’t any tubing that I saw, nor any in this picture of the drain area for the unit.

Edit: Here’s the manual for reference.

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Sorry, but I didn’t see them up here.

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Good eye!! Good catch!!

The discharge point will depend on two things; page 15 requirements are met and local AHJ requirements if any for discharge point. Here for indoor models it is considered acceptable to drain into the safety drip pan underneath which is routed to the exterior. Typically on the exterior we will find both relief valve and drain pan termination points next to each other.

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