Roof Certification Form CIT RCF-1 02 11

Florida Roof Certification Form
CIT RCF-1 02 11

Interactive PDF
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[FONT=Verdana]The Florida Roof Certification form, PDF with Extended Reader Usage Rights (ERUR). ERUR allows you to save your information in your form using the free Adobe Reader X. Abobe Reader X is available from The form can be used on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Android phones and tablets.


Thanks I will check it out when I get the time. I have pdffill currently but am always looking for something easier.

Pdffill covers all my pdf needs way easier than anything I have tried yet. Real Cheap to.


I create PDF forms in Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Designer. Not all third party PDF software will work with all PDFs created with Adobe Live Cycle ES2 Designer.

I have tested some of my forms with PDFill. Sometimes work but sometimes they don’t work because PDFill does not understand Adobe’s scripting language. The Roof Certification form does not have any scripting in it so it may work with PDFill. Adobe Reader X is free so I recommend using it.

So far, I have verified that the Roof Certification form works with:

Adobe Reader X (Windows PC)
Adobe Acrobat Pro X (Windows PC)
PDF Expert (iPad 2 with iOS 5)
PDF QuickSign (iPad 2 with iOS 5)
PDF Reader Pro (iPad 2 with iOS 5)

It does NOT work with:

Lightning PDF Editor (Windows PC)
LifeForms (iPad 2 with iOS 5)
Form Tools (iPad 2 with iOS 5)

Nice form George

Why no picture page?
Just a suggestion.
Also, do you have a place to add the NACHI number which Citizens is requiring?

See below for a “completed” roof form.

I would not use it with pdf fill.

I only use that to create forms and it will work with any pdf as you just add things in layers. similar to the way photoshop works.

Thanks, George. Hope you get this loaded into Windsurance soon…easy smeasy.

Christmas late:

Citizens Roof form

If there are any issues, let me know.

Eric Nice form.

I would not call it a Citizens form when you have altered it. I would take their logo out and add your own. If you want to keep it original, I would use a page header or footer with your company info.

Also, not that it matters but there should not be check marks next to the license type.

Attached you will find my example form(not fully functioning)

I think you are right about the bullets.
I added the block where you can put your NACHI number at the request of…Citizens! :wink:
They wanted it somewhere on the form.

As I told Michelle, my goal is to have unified forms for 4-points, roof certs, and the wind mits.
Several insurance companies who are not citizens want a “Citizens roof certification”, or at least they want that form filled out.

One question, did you design the whole form in live cycle or import it?
I’d like to get the file size down.

Designed in adobe and imported to Live cycle

Thanks for the link, I’ve been looking for this in a reasonable price range.


I used Docuprint to make the original pdf and the settings are different than Adobe.
I may try just importing it from Publisher, but I don’t think live cycle can do that, it has to be in word. :frowning:
I made the corrections and the form is free to all for download.
Citizens Roof form
I used that program for 5 minutes. It has been deleted. for $100 or less, you can get Adobe Pro 9. If you plan on doing a bunch of forms, I would consider it.