Roof inspections

Got a call for an apartment complex new construction. Complaint was leaks and shingles blowing off.

I had to suck wind and hold my breath going to the top of this 40 foot building, took three guys to stand the ladder up. It’s still an Adrenalin rush at my age.

Your the MAN!! who was the camera man!:smiley:

Me!!! no one touches my camera I breaka the Arm;-)

Ok Charley, who was the stunt guy with the hood while you were shooting with the camera sitting on the ridge?;):slight_smile:

Don’t push it my friend, it is not worth it. :slight_smile:

He was from the other side of the border ran around the roof trying to make me look bad. He even tried to hold my hand when I was mounting the ladder to exit the roof I slapped his dam hand:roll:

So what did you determine?

Should of had 6 nails per shingles only had 3 and 4. The vertical distance between the rows was 6 inches VS 5 inches and had numerous closed valley cuts with the cuts on the wrong side. Numerous missing shingles high wind area. Improper distance between the siding on the dormers and the shingles. :smiley:

I guess the self-seal tabs did not work to good either huh!:wink:

Guess not, I would venture to say we have more constant high wind than the Hurricane guys do. They just get it all at once and not uncommon for Okla to get storms with 75 to 90 MPH wind. Them thar shingles better be stuck good. The day I was there there one building facing the direction of the wind the shingles were sticking out like a chicken with his Butt to the wind:shock:

Well, I’ll keep the snow country vs. the tornado valley. :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, we are in for a snow storm on Friday night that could be up to 10+".

That’s really high and obviously intense

Nothing to stop the wind for miles.