Roof styles

Show us the different types of roofs in your area and the name of it

Clipped gable or hip

Clipped hip

Correction you are looking at a hip roof from the view on the pic that has a section of the roof that is a clipped hip. But the runs to such are non-hip features. Our view

Typical gable roof known as slick as snot;-) and not for the weak of heart

Makes for a nice water slide…

Just wondering about the venting, from pick do not see any ? Most get hotter then a________________up in the attic.

In 30 years as a carpenter in CA and CO, I never heard the term “clipped hip”, but it might be common in other areas. Names vary from place to place, especially when the styles start to become composites of several basic types. To avoid unnecessary squabbles, I only identify the most basic types in my reports. It doesn’t matter whether the client has a name for the style, they just need to know the roof condition.

Truss designers in my neck of the woods refer to that roof design as a Half Hip

That would be a clipped Gable here.

Clipped gable.

We also call it a clipped gable but around here we use both names too

I’m not sure I’ve ever understood the reason why inspectors feel it’s necessary to describe the type of roof structure…

Modified Gable



A what?

:mrgreen:…I was just agreeing with Mr. Adair John…personally for me seeing as it is more hip than anything else I would just call it a hip and be done with it…but as You see there are many varying opinions…

I never heard of that kind

It’s a Texas thingy. :):wink:

Ah Ha
Like a thingamajiggy