Roof terminology

Is there a “name” for these little roof wrap-around roofing sections???


Up here, they’re known as “roof returns”

we always called them a RETURN.

That’s a return.

This is an eyebrow

Eave box or cornice returns…

Discussed on this thread if it helps. :slight_smile:

There are different names for the same things across a large part of North America. You will encounter lots of arguments about terms on the message boards, but what’s really important is that your client and the seller both understand what you’re referring to when you point out a problem.

Use local terms when you can, but describe the problem using language that anyone on the street could understand.

Like a “Shed roof soffit return”:mrgreen::wink:

And even on that return the nail is not correct.

I always wondered what the technical name for that was also.

Unless of course, it’s on a gable. Then it would be called a “split shed soffit return”.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

How you doing Kenton, always nice to see you on boards.
And, whatever one wants to call that one, I don’t like the looks of that one. ;):slight_smile:

Hi Marcel,

Doing well, thanks.

Some conditions are just an oportunity to make up terms. I’m thinking that a gable roof is actually a “double-split shed” or "double-reversed shed " roof if you want to spoof it up.