Roof to deck roof connection

Check this unique design out.

that’s not a design that’s a nightmare…

Got a wider shot or different angle like from below?

Looks like a cantilever from this macro view.

we must be looking at different pictures…

Why do you say that?
I see a flat roofing material (granule Modified bitumen)?on a slope which changes direction to a sort of parapet wall with a wood platform sticking out to the exterior with no visible means of support.

What do you see?

The valley reminds me of a butterfly roof.

The valley may be a “butterfly”, but it’s not a butterfly roof.

It’s 2 adjoining roofs with almost the same pitch, not a flat roof. I have no idea what’s supporting the deck roof.

Here ya go

And they walk among us…

like I said a nightmare…

My friggin word, what the hell kind of abortion is that? :mrgreen:

In Florida at that! Sure wont get an approval from Miami Dade. LOL

What would you guys write in the report?

WTF is Miami Dad?

what Marcel said…word for word…

I assumed that he had a Inspection in Florida as he is Licensed in Florida.
Opps I meant to say Miami Dade county since they have the strictest requirements for Hurricane protection on buildings.

BFU…Butt F’in Ugly

With all the nearby trees it’s a wonder it not full of debris.
Can you say check for permits?
The person who installed this is either an idiot or freaking genius……
this should be an easy call :smiley:
And of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…….
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]The more you drink the prettier it gets :smiley:

Pre sale inspection. The house is really old but in great shape with the exception of this feature. The roof portion on the house is the utility room. No visible signs of leak(yet)
I pointed it out to the buyer with realtor there. This was not a deal killer. They can what they want but my recommendation was to have a licensed roofing contractor evaluate it
and go from there as it is only a matter of time.

In a word, “Functional”. My wording would be something like “While the roof design on the rear portion of the roof is not optimal, it is functional and did not appear to have any leak causing deficiencies at the time of inspection. This area should be monitored for active leaks during raining conditions.”

Reece that is why I asked the question. That is not what I would have put at all but I feel like you are more accurate in the way you described it. Would anyone put something different in their report?