Same old scam!

Well here we go, again!

A lot of our members recently received an email from “Cheryl Taylor” (aka. SCAMMER) via InterNACHI and it’s the SAME OLD SCAM as reported here back in 2013 (!

If you get an email that sounds too good/fishy to be true, send it to the police!



Thanks for the upgrade Giles this seems to get repeated every few months .

Members must be vigilant.
Thanks G.

Email scams.
Recognize them. As a business identity you must remain vigilant. Non more so than new home inspectors.

What is Phishing?
Phishing is a general term for e-mails, text messages and websites fabricated and sent by criminals and designed to look like they come from well-known and trusted businesses, financial institutions and government agencies in an attempt to collect personal, financial and sensitive information. It’s also known as brand spoofing.
Do not feel embarrassed to call someone, a member, your bank, credit card provider, insurance company, or anyone asking for sensitive personal information, and ask them for help.

You can also go to this RCMP link.