Sand box in cellar

Has anyone ever run across a sand box in cellar? This was in a food storage closet/wine cellar. About 5 feet long 6 inches of sand over stones, laid on top of the cellar concrete floor? Any idea what this is used for? No it was not for the cat or dog. food storage? Check out attached picture and make a comment please , its driving me crazy!

mushroom garden?

Carrots are buried in the sand and will keep for a long time.
Potato skins will grow eyes and then into potatoes.
The area must remain dark to achieve a good result.
This would be considered an added feature of this home.:smiley:

You can keep carrots in sand over winter.

Most likely for storage of root vegetables, ie… potato’s, onion’s, carrot’s, beet’s, etc… If stored on a hard surface they will rot.

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Remove any excess soil and don’t store damaged carrots. (Eat these first.) Lay the carrots on a bed of sharp sand in a box, ensuring they do not touch each other. Cover these with another layer of sharp sand and keep repeating the process. Apparently they can be stored this way for up to 6 months. Never had any that long though.

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I stored carrots last year in sand. They store very well and for a long time. I stored them in a black bag which was in a collapsable storage box but the only problem I did find was that the box was extremely heavy to lift or move about …I know, should have put less in it

But my point is that the sand made it very heavy. I used compost in the other box and this was much lighter and stored as well - so I will use compost again this year.

A “root” cellar.

Cats gotta go somewhere

Must have been for vegetable storage…back in my rural living days kept carrots, beets, parsnips until April/May/June using moist sand / softwood sawdust in a cool room.

One things I don’t like in that picture is they have used a preservative on the bottom sections of the wood posts…would indicate that the sand was kept moist for the veggies but what about leaching of the preservative into the veggies stored close to the wood.

Once consulted with someone that after they had had built a root cellar of creosoted wood (HUH???)…all the veggies stored there had to be thrown out as they took up the vapours of the creosote through their skins and tasted weird!!

I suppose I like carrots and other vegetables as well as the next guy, but come on… Just go to the grocery store and pick up a few when you run out.

City boy! :roll::roll::roll:

the consensus seems to be a root cellar, which is what I had explained to the client. It was the only thing that made sense. Like some of you, my vegetables do not last long enough to store them like that. Must be a farm boy thing! Thanks for the inputs team !:slight_smile:

Ask the owner…


Sorry, I though I indicated the owners are deceased and no one knows what this was used for. It seems that the team has solved the question, some time of root cellar. Thanks to all.

Maybe that’s where they were buried…


Looks like a bed for Boa Constrictors or Pythons