Satisfaction guaranteed

Some inspectors offer a money-back guarantee. What are your feelings on this?

If it feels good do it.

I do it for the CMI professional designation starting now.

It’s totally unnecessary if you always strive to exceed your Clients expectations!

I don’t like money back guarantees. To me it’s like saying " I will likely make a mistake or my report will suck so here’s your money back". I just do my job and people pay me. I have never given an inspection fee back to a client and do not intend to.

Works for very well for Waymart .

That’s a BS misleading statement.
There is no other store out there, selling the exact same products,* that will not also give a refund. In fact, I has less hassles returning to their competition because they actually cater to their customers needs*! Like others, (aka. K-mart?) it will eventually be their death. Mark my words. You heard it here first!

Why not go all the way & offer a 200% money back guarantee? Many inspectors do. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO it’s a gimmick that screams of “desperation” or “I’m new” and is not something that will ever be part of my business plan.

You sure as hell better NOT do it for INSURANCE Inspections :frowning:

Go Nick :slight_smile:

Print it up and get us a Logo :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool:

CMI bennifits NEVER STOP…:smiley:

Its a gimmick.

If I screw up and miss something important then yeah, you will be getting your money back and maybe then some! Thats obvious.

Dumbest idea ever. You should never guarantee satisfaction :slight_smile:

What I was thinking too.

Hmmmm wonder where this came from:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:


Just picken on Juan, he was trying to get a point across to you and others as its not a bad idea. I don’t feel it cry’s out desperation at all or newbie. I think it takes guts to put that out there.

What about abuse by the occasional twit?

You have ZERO control over “satisfaction”. Anyone just needs to say “BOO” and you are required to make the refund. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.
Too bad, so sad!

I don’t think home inspectors should offer a 200% guarantee. Horrible marketing IMHO.

Let me know on it Nick, i’ll promo the heck out of it.