Secret weapon need beta testers

So many of you have been eagerly waiting to see what the cat in the bag is all about. We have developed a one of a kind process that involves your inspection report and agents are loving it. We currently have a “patent pending” on the process.

This feature is designed to please the agent and give you a great opportunity to shout to all the agents in your town why they should use you. You make their life easier and reduce liability for them at the same time. We have shown it to several agents and they absolutely love it. This is with testing using our own report samples.

We need a dozen or so HomeGauge users who use HG Services and delivers the Web Presentation or html report to their customers.

Goal: To test this feature with different reports. To get inspectors feedback ideas and to be sure your reports work well with this feature.

If you agree to be a beta tester. You will need to send me an email

  1. I will send you an email back asking for confidentiality until we officially release it.
  2. I will then turn it on
  3. Your buyer and agent will be able to see/use this feature. I will show you how you can see/try it for yourself. If you do not like it, you can turn it off. If you like it, then you can ask the agent or homebuyer to give you any feedback on the process.

You will get a free gift for participating as well as be able to possibly influence the look or process.

We expect to start this sometime next week if all keeps moving along as expected and release to the public hopefully by the end of the month.

If you have anymore questions or hesitations, then pass this up and wait for the public release. If you are excited to be a part of cutting edge and get a jump on everyone else, then send me your email.


email sent


Hi All,
I have 15 or more but we still add anyone interested. I will be in touch with all of you soon.

email sent

In like Flynn.

I’m in

I’m in

Why not.

Lets Do It

Ready when you are.

Still no email from Russell, must not be ready yet

Now now, I’m not late yet on this message. Next week starts today…you will all be getting an email soon.

So this week we will get the email?


Forget the secret weapon. I need the new and complete Business Scheduler. I get 90% of my business from online customers.

I hear ya Gary. The secret weapon is being developed by a different developer in house (Matt) where as the online appointment manager is being developed by another developer in house (Forrest). Both products require a different language of code.

I want the new appointment manager to have all the features you want and yesterday is not soon enough. Forrest is working full time on it.

I do have another thread where you can comment more on the new appointment manager here at INACHI.

If still available, count me in.

It’s called the ISN. Not a knock, I love Homegauge, just not the services or HTML report delivery

I am glad you are happy with ISN. This thread is about our secret weapon that will be available for all HG users who use html or web presentation. PDF’s won’t benefit because PDF’s are just an image. Meanwhile we are building a great scheduler for those inspectors who do not want to pay per report.