Wow, Good stuff HG!

Y’all have my curiosity up (teaser) :wink:

You mean…the secret weapon? :grin:

When do we get the details on the “secret weapon”?

HG rocks!!!


Shaka laka

Thanks Russell, I look forward to the upgrades, especially the scheduler and its ability to sync

Absolutely looking forward to the schedule sync!

Wish it was already Sunday!

“We will launch a ground-breaking product that will have your agents doing flips while smiling! It’s a slam dunk and guaranteed to make your competitors squirm! I know mine will”

I must admit, I’m very intrigued.

Sunday our new website. HG Services users can create a buyer and agent username with their own email then after you upload a fake report you can sign in as a buyer and agent and see their side of it. Note: it would look better if you include a cover pic in your uploaded sample report. It also will work and look better if you had more than one report uploaded to your realtor account so you can see how we display multiple reports for that agent. Pretty cool.

After Sunday and a few days of cleaning up the new HG website, we will insert the NEW appointment manager. After we get it installed and working fine for a bit then comes the secret weapon.

Can we just use a current agent username and password to see what it looks like?


The agents view of HG for getting their reports is causing a lot of commotion on another forum right now.

How? Since it doesn’t happen until Sunday.

The agents existing control panel for states other than at least CA, is what I am referring to.

It has to do with the agent being able to see a warranty offer if the inspector has opted out of the warranty for his buyer (or is selling a different warranty). We consider the agent independent of the inspector and some agents use more than one inspector from HomeGauge.

At any case, we are making changes to hide the offer from the agent if the inspector has opted out for his buyer. Then if and when the agent uses another inspector opted in the warranty then the agent will see the offer.

We want to make everyone Happy.:smile:

Fanboy… Lol
Get a good software like HIP so making money is what excites you.

Actually Bob its all about making money. That is why he was excited.

Your HG envy is showing Lil’man. But, I feel your pain. :stuck_out_tongue: