The secret weapon has been released into the wild

I made a short video to demonstrate the new feature Secret Weapon

Nice video Frank. This feature is designed to give agents one more reason to use inspectors who use HG Services!

HomeGauge plans to attend realtor trade shows this year too!

Wow!!! That’s nice!!!

I haven’t checked my dashboard yet but it is available for all users now,I just got my agreement in the new agreement section now,I like that part

Nice job on the video

Any feedback in regards to its use with the request for repairs paperwork/forms used?

One thing to remember is that this doesn’t replace their proprietary forms which is different by state. Most of those forms have a very small section for requests on the Repair Addendum. The agents typically write inside that space “see attached.” What we are producing for them is the insert.

Very nice Frank! I gave an agent a heads-up today about the new feature and she said that would be a really big help to her. I asked her to give me some feedback after I send her the report this evening. Thanks Frank (and HG!)

Nothing new!
However, Good job Frank.

Some will love it, some won’t care. Love to hear what she has to say.

You’re jealous Roy. :slight_smile:

Never! Go change your depends.

LOL! You As*hole… ! haha!

So when does it show up on your dashboard. I haven’t seen mine yet just interested when will be available

You need to go hereto login and turn it on.

And where do you turn it on , didn’t see anything lol what section is it in

I had the wrong link to begin with. I changed it. Try again. Sorry

I must be getting old or something goes to sign in i sign in i still do not see it anywhere
Perhaps it shows up only if signed up for the trail Frank

Sign in, then come back here and click the link again.

Thanks frank i have turned on ill try it when i get some time

You need to sign in as a client or rep to use it. I created a rep account and a sample report to try it.