Seen in an Attic

I saw this metal object in the attic of a house I recently inspected. Any thoughts as to what this may be would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Don’t touch it!

It seems like an antenna…

Hello Tokyo! Come in Berlin!

That is what I thought as well. It is interesting place to store the antennae…I must say

You guys must be too young to remember TV antennas. That’s what it is.

Common around here in attics. I have one in my attic.

I’m either in the twilight zone or I’m getting old…maybe both! :roll: Any idea what this strange object is Jonathan?


:smiley: That’s funny Mike.

Many times, these are in the attic due to city ordinances, HOA rules, or simply to eliminate the eye-sore.

Pretty common location actually.

That is a groundhog antennae.
When a groundhog comes out of his hole here in colorado, we want to know about it.
Groundhog stew, groundhog gumbo, fried groundhog, boiled groundhog, groundhog on toast, groundhog-a-bobs, groundhogsicles, etc.

Let’s keep sending in those nostaglia photos

Aw Jeeze. I feel old. People are asking what a TV Antenna is? Has cable been around that long already.

Yes indeed… and remote controls for the TV slightly longer. :slight_smile: