Selecting The Right Tool

Telescopic ladder or the Little Giant?

Little Giant

Will this be your only ladder? If so the LG is a workhorse

Both, the LG is a bit much to lug around indoors, but if you can only do one right now go with the LG.

I love the telescopic ladders, I just don’t trust them. Kind of like the women in my life.

You just have to treat them nice and make sure everything clicks into place :wink:

Do you have to stroke her rungs ?

thank you, gentlemen, every opinion was appreciated, hehehe!

LG i have the telescopic never use it do not trust it

I appreciate it, Wayne!

I have both. I use the telescopic for attic hatches in closets; the LG for practically everything else.

I have 3 ladders. My LG I use outside and to get into awkward attics (like above stairs), I use a regular step ladder inside the house if the attic hatch is in a closet or hallway somewhere and a 2 step stepladder to carry around to look above ceiling tiles and if I can’t reach smoke detectors. It’s faster to carry it around and I probably use it the most in any inspection. I don’t see the need for a telescoping ladder, the LG does that.


Then you bought the wrong one…

I have both the Telescope type and 17’ LG. I use the telescopic for attic hatches in closets; the LG for tall garages and outside if roof isn’t too tall.

Agreed, I use the LG everywhere except when only the telescoping one can fit through a small scuttle into the attic.