What type Extension ladder do you use ?

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Well, I’m getting kinda’ tired of lugging around my full sized extension ladder everywhere. I am considering the telescoping type, but have my concerns. I looked at one at a local retailer today, and it seems kind of “wimpy”. I have researched on-line, and there are many manufacturers, all claiming to be “the best”. Now, I understand that you get what you pay for, and have no problem spending the money for quality, but don’t want to order one on-line, and have to return it if poor quality. Also, being made of conductive Aluminum, instead of fiberglass.

Please share your thoughts on what type of ladder you use, Type II, Type I, Type IA, material made of, and most importantly, if you feel safe using it. Are you happy with it, or you would prefer another.

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I should also mention that I use a 6’ Fiberglass for indoors.


I have both a Little Giant and one of those telescopic ones. Mostly, I use the LG, but there are time where the telescopic ones do come in handy. Each has their pluses and minuses.

The LG is heavier, but you can do more with it. The telescopic one will go in tighter spots and is lighter.

When you think about it, you really need both to cover all situations.

Same here. Except I use my Xtend-n-Climb about 80% of the time.

I have both and use my LG 90% of the time.

I only have an LG and use it a ton.

I have all the above, and the job determines which one I use.When I ride my bike I use the LG.


I have a 16’ climbtech ladder that stays in the truck for the most part (Shown above) and a 14’ Telesteps ladder. The feet on the telesteps are designed poorly and wear out quickly, but it is not too heavey and works great for interior attic hatches.

I use both, LG and telescoping - LG is used almost everywhere outside, telescoping inside in tighter spots.

:shock: Kenneth - got pictures? :mrgreen:

Not yet, but I told my wife I want her to take some. I get some funny looks for sure. How much does the telesteps weigh?

Can’t remember the weight, but alot lighter than the LG for sure.

Just go to google and search ‘telescoping ladder’ - weight would also depend on the size.
this link is just one of many:

Came into HI from General Contracting, so I have all the above. I use the Telestep 14.5’ model 1800, (27 lbs.) 95% of the time. It will access most roofs and attic access in most situations. Visit the guys at http://rewci.com . I’d stay away from the cheaper “Xtend-n- Climb”. Friends have them and they are not as well designed as Telestep. Telestep ladders are spendy, but then so are the doctor bills from falls and back injuries from lifting those monster extention ladders off the rack of your truck, at least at my age.
Good luck
p.s. I get to leave my gas hog at home and take my car, much more comfortable as well.

I think about 26 to 27 lbs, mich easier to lug upstairs on a three inspection day.:smiley:

14.5 feet reaches most roofs? I have a heck of a time reaching some roofs here with a 26’ LG!!!

That’s what binoculars are for Joe.:stuck_out_tongue:

I do not get paid enough to put up a 30’ ladder anymore.:wink:

I have been using my Little Giant for 8 years, when your life can depend on it why use something less.You get what you pay for. It’s a little heavy,but at 60 I can still get everywhere I need safely, yes that includes most roofs.

Yeah, after I fell off a roof 2 yrs ago, thus part of the reason for the career change, I don’t do two story roofs. Like Brian said “that’s what binoculars are for”. Being in snow country, most roofs are steep and that alone is enough to keep me at the eves and/or on the ground with my peepers.

A fellow HI here was using a telesteps and had a bad accident. Off work for about 6 months. He decided not to sue but that is him.

We use a 4’ step ladder inside and binoculars outside. If we can access it from our stepladder, I never seen a roof we won’t climb.

Just like John, I use the LG most of the time.
I have 3 sizes the tallest to reach the 14 foot high gutter.
I add the 6 foot wooden when doing the rural inspections
because you just never know what lies hidden in the barn/coop/lambing shed.
The quality of the LG ladders never wears out.
And hefting it up makes for a good workout too especially at our age.