Selling to NACHI Memebers

I’ll give it a shot…

Most inspection boards and their threads are limited to education, chit-chat and other misc. inspection related topics. There seems to be a huge increase in the number of people or companies that have joined NACHI to try and sell things to home inspectors. Don’t get me wrong there are some good products and services from some members available, but this board is turning into a storefront instead of “functioning as intended.” :wink:

Solution? Have a seperate forum for vendors. The products and services accessed only by a seperate link to those pages which will keep it out of the regualar forum.

Just an thought…

Erol Kartal


If I am not mistaken, what you have suggested has been discussed before and I believe it was decided to do exactly that.

I would scour the archives, but I don’t really have the time right now.

Yes it has… the MAB looked into this and sent the suggestion to HQ months ago along with other things, they had full support from the Pres. and ED. nothing has happened…

Marketing goods/services to home inspectors is fine. Just feel it’s out of place next to an electrical or plumbing post.

AH HA, see their Blaine I got one right. LOL

It is not as bad as it was a year or so ago, but I still do not like it, and as I am sure none of the other members appreciate it either, it should be put in it’s place as Erol has suggested.

Hi Kevin,

Didn’t catch your post in time. It is dilluting what has become a vastly improved educational web site.

Erol Kartal

YEP…I guess some people just don’t care…

I agree btw…unless of course any of you need a home inspection…that I will be glad to sell you.

Tony, if you have one near Mueller Park I may take you up on that. :cool:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tony’s hood, he lives in a beautiful area with huge Elk and Bear in his yard near the base of Pike Peak. Gotta love it. :wink:

Erol Kartal

Always wanted to go to that area… hmmm I smell a road trip * long one

Come on down…I have a nice little 1 acre trout pond we can fish in too…:wink:

well I guess it would be over…:slight_smile: I just might this summer after the canada thing …

Now we know why you’re always in a good mood…

Fly fishing in the northeast it’s to shabby you know

You missed it this morning when I wasn’t in a good mood…Paul A. helped me…what I should have done is gone here:

aztrip 016.jpg

Hi to all,

we allready have a vendor area, it is here:



Perhaps a travel forum too? :-s

Then I can ask Tony if he likes the food at Coyote’s in Buena Vista. :slight_smile:

Erol Kartal
Thread Drift Advisory Board :wink:

Never been there…I don’t get to Buni much…my fish farm guy is there though…or near there in Saguache

Well then, it would seem that all such post should go there.

However, I realize that we can’t stop folks from posting in the open areas.

Maybe we could make it so all the vendors that pass the smell check can get affiliate member status and can therefore post in MO under their own thread, and nowere else.

Let’s put the vender thread in MO and make it the only thread they may post to.