Senator Wise on IAQ Television

Legislation was passed in 2007 in Florida to license home inspectors and mold professionals. The sponsor of this legislation was Senator Stephen Wise from district 5 in Florida.

A video interview with Senator Wise can be seen on IAQ Television, where we discuss issues related to licensing and regulation of both professions.

This interview can be accessed at:


Thanks for the link.

That was an interesting interview.

I have to wonder when it was conducted since the Senator says that there is a grandfathering clause.

Once again it is confirmed that the main reason for a bill is to serve the sponsors self interest.

I noticed that the word code was used several times during the interview. I guess they don’t know that a home inspection is not a code inspection. That when we inspect a home we are inspecting it relative to its peers.

A test was mentioned several times. So which test are they speaking of?

There is no SOP. So where is the SOP coming from?

The sponsor did say that the lobbyist and lawyers would be providing input on what the people they represent want the rules to be. That tells me that NAHI and FABI are going to be the ones that mold this bill into what we finally have to follow.

NACHI members have three years to stock up on the Vaseline so that it doesn’t hurt so much.


How can we as NACHI members get involved with the molding of this bill?

Hi Matt,

It looks like the people with the biggest legislative fund will be the ones molding this bill.

It won’t be us since we have no funds.

Maybe all of us should join FABI or NAHI. Then we could have a majority and direct this bill in the manner that we want.

When I did the interview with Senator Wise (two weeks ago today), my impressions were that there will be a draft set of rules which will be put out for public comment by all concerned parties. Toward the end of this interview, the Senator does comment on this and suggests that all parties check in with the Department of Professional Regulation to keep up with the feedback process. When we get a handle on the draft set of rules, I will post links for concerned parties to see what communications are comming down from DBPR.

My impressions from the time I spent both on camera and off camera with Senator Wise were that DBPR will be listening to these comments and will consider them in the forumlation of the rules. The bill is not an issue anymore since it has already been passed into law. SOP is not part of the law. The law defines educational or experience requirements, continuing ed for renewal, prohibited acts etc. A link to the law is included on the access page for the video, as are links for feeback from both HI’s and mold professionals. Again, it’s just my impression, but it seemed that having feedback from industry members is designed into the rule making process. To see the video go to:

The rules are where the details of the regulation are defined, and are formulated after passage of a law. The rules must conform to broader conditions established in the law and cannot conflict with it. If nothing else, I hope that this video motivates people to become involved and make their voice heard. When it is all said and done, the rules should reflect the needs of the professionals as well as consumers. We will continue to post updates on the IAQ Forum as we become aware of them.

Thanks for watching our show, your feedback is valuable and welcomed.

Jeff Deuitch
Indoor Air Quality Television