She who must be...

obeyed. I see that all time on this board. Man, what a buncha wimps.

**She who must be obeyed!?!??? You kidding me???:shock: :shock: **

**Not me, boy! I’m lord and master in this house.:cool: **

I speak—she jumps. No messin’ ‘round, neither.:mrgreen:

And when I tell her…excuse me…I…ah…I gotta…go
to the bathroom. Yeah, that’s it—I gotta go to the
bathroom. Be right back…:roll: :roll:

Well, I’m back—sorry it took so long.

(Those trash cans get heavier every day):roll:

Now where were we…oh, yeah…you guys gotta
learn to let her know who’s the boss. Stand up
like a man and establish…hold on…seems I gotta
go to the bathroom again.:ouch:

I’m back…

(Damn, now my shoes are wet from the mop, and my
shoulders hurt from pushing it!):wink:

Anyway, don’t let her get all up in your face…give her hell and
be the man you’re supposed…:wink:

Oh, oh, my wife is reading this over my shoulder…-o< -o<

Would you believe I gotta go to the bathroom again…-X

…for a loooooong time, I think.

I’ll get back to you when the bones heal…:freaked-: :freaked-:

I remember when you told her she had better smarten up and do exactly what you told her instead of the way she wanted.

I remember you said the first day you could see no change…
You said the second day you could see no change…

You told me the third day some of the swelling went down and you could see a bit of change…

wasn’t it about week three they let Jae out of intensive care ???:wink:

Thanks for the advice Jae.

Thanks for the advice Jae. :mrgreen: