Shingle practices at roofing abutment


As always, thanks in advance!


Improper installation and lack of proper flashing techniques.

The roofer could have easily ran the shingles over to the low rake board while properly flashing same…and still build up move shingles over that area to create a continuous flowing valley. Chances are they went with the lowest bidder…this is what you end up with.


It is a problem.

You could recommend repair, as needed, to prevent water intrusion and damge.

Too much beer and weed that day!

its not roofed right and I dont see metal flashing also…write it up…

What did the rest of the roof and flashings look like?

Don’t see any roofing felt either but I do see exposed, bare wood.

The drip edge is just too low…Well maybe the shingles are too high. Hmmm.

It an area for birds to nest too

Yep, it’s a problem.

:shock:couple cans of sray foam good as new…:shock:

got ice and water shield down there? up here it’s code to install it.

You must know the same roofers I do, lol.

What Brian and Jeff said. Too bad raccoons don’t pay rent.