Sink drain question

This sink drain is incorrect, right? trap is below the drain line. Water will sit in the vertical pipe and also in the disposer. This should be corrected?

Right… Its wrong

Absolutely! Everything below the horizontal will remain full of liquid and act as a trap. I would be amazed if that drain doesn’t constantly clog and stink to high hell!

I knew it didn’t look right. Kitchen was recently up dated too. I also noted the lack of a high loop on the dishwasher drain.

Water cannot think. It’s gonna go out at its lowest point of escape, which is through the wall, after it fills the trap, 1/2 up the sink line, and likely the disposal before it will escape.

It is wrong, and there’s know way the homeowner couldn’t know this. Maybe he thinks it’s normal for the disposal to always have an inch or two of water in it?

Draw a line across the weir and see how high the water will be.

Unbelievable plumbing at times. :roll:

JJ and you are correct…

That’s exactly what I did for the report

Well done. :slight_smile:

What a beautiful mess!