Sink Enamel Chip Reporting

Quick question on the following picture. This is a bathroom sink with an obvious chip in the glazing. How would you report this and what level of concern would there be for a buyer?
Obviously, it’s not a material defect, emergency level, but I have to assume running water in this sink would lead to more damage.
What would be a good way to describe this to a buyer? Is it possible/expensive to repair or is replacement the best option?

Don’t document. It’s a minor cosmetic issue.

If you feel the need to bring it up, do so verbally and move on.


Is the ‘watertight’ integrity of the sink compromised?

Was it wet underneath when you checked the trap?

Narrate exactly what you see, with pictures, and recommend further evaluation, let your client decide how important it is. It almost looks like a repair was attempted…hard to tell for here. Unless you like buying sinks. If it isn’t written down, it wasn’t reported.


Plumbing vessels must be watertight. Photograph it put it in the report and as Larry said unless you want to buy a sink after they move in report it.


It’s actually not from an inspection, I am still working on getting my license. It is at a friend’s condo and I noticed it and had the questions. I didn’t notice any water underneath but the condo has been empty for a couple of months.
Looks like, describe, report, shut-up is the way to go.
My initial thought was not realizing what to do had this been a real inspection.

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Did you run water in it?

If you were going to perform an inspection yes you would. The bowl is probably not leaking because there’s still about 1/2 inch of cultured marble beneath the hard porcelain finish. Over time it will likely leak. I don’t consider this a cosmetic defect and would definitely report on it.


No. I thought that would be the worst thing to do.

I don’t see a hole or a chip. I see putty. Possible repair attempt. Report that.

So, what’s next?

Look underneath to see if hole goes all the thru to the underside. Report that.

Then, fill with water. Does it leak? Report that.

Sink had an apparent chip or hole repair attempt with a putty type filler. I peered under the sink and the hole was not visible from the underside. I filled the basin with water and the basin did not leak.

More than enough said in my opinion.

( Looks like solid surface, stone or synthetic, definitely not enamel)