Smart Electric Meters

A few clients of mine are being ‘‘forced’’ to switch to smart electric meters and have asked me what I think of them. My thoughts are not very good: they zap you and invade your privacy!

And the power company uses extortion to force these on anyone, punishing those who opt-out while reassuring those who accept them.

I’d appreciate all your thoughts on them!


We have no choice in Ontario
I live with it Complaining does no good

TThe EMR emanating from these meters dwarfs the old ones…

We have it. When the came out we followed the peak times and only did dishes, laundry etc. at night. With 3 kids it wasn’t practical so we just moved along as normal. We didn’t see a difference in our bill at all.

Does not matter what we think.
They will be forced on all.

Yes it is invasion of privacy.
Lots of that going around .

Seems to me I heard the same thing about seat belts inn Cars .

Yes it is invasion of privacy.

Wrong Roy.
They have live information on exactly what you are dong in your home,when you leave,etc through monitoring and tracking your life style by power usage.

Maybe Canada with their long term socialist indoctrination has you not seeing that.

It also allows brownouts targeted directly at your property without your knowledge.
Perhaps in your world that is acceptable.

Mine reads at 89.0 Mg. i think the maximum Electro Magnetic Field allowed without any danger to your health is around 1.3Mg to 1.5Mg (In Canada)… :shock:



Patrick I’d like to borrow that meter…

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From the sales website.

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I fail to see how they are an invasion of privacy. Someone could sit out on the street and find out when you leave and come home for work. In Ontario we have safeguards via legislation. Anything can be abused and that is why safe guards are enshrined in laws.

There is no identifying data sent that would indicate anything about the home owner if the signal was intercepted.

The problem lies with the government introduced them and then put our hydro rates up to pay for them. The cost to install these meters was hundreds of millions of dollars!

I have a smart meter installed but it is not billing for time of use, but rather the two tier rate I have been on for years.

Now do I like the meters? No I think it was a waste of money by a government which has a history of abuse of taxpayers with gas plants, E Health, Orange Helicopter and more and more taxes levied on consumers to pay for their contempt and ignorance to the citizens of Ontario.

i think it’s like $150/year more on your Hydro if you want them removed

I know more than you think but I simply was simply pointing out there is no standard for acceptable exposure in your country which is in opposition to what you stated above.

It is what it is.

Feel free to prove me wrong.

I will retract if you do.

i know, that’s way i wrote the previous post…as a ‘‘know it all’’ you sure are on the defensive side…

any time G :mrgreen:

Yes you are.:roll:

Did you say this or not?

A. You have no idea what is acceptable
B. You didn’t mean to say it.

like i said, you are right, i am wrong…hahahahahahahaha…

and like me, they are also wrong:

 Does Health Canada adequately protect Canadians from electromagnetic  fields? Should we worry about the extremely low frequency (ELF)  electromagnetic fields generated by power lines, interior wiring and  appliances? And what about the higher frequency fields in the  radiofrequency (RF) range associated with cell phones, Wi-Fi and other  wireless sources?
  We asked Canadian expert, Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University’s  Environmental and Resource Studies Program, about Canadian regulations.  She offered a discouraging assessment, “The guidelines we have in Canada  are much worse than those in most other countries.”
  **Extremely Low Frequency**
The unit of measurement used to describe ELF magnetic fields is the milligauss (mG). According to the[Health Canada website](,  “... there are no Canadian government guidelines for exposure to  electromagnetic fields at ELF.” However, Dr. Havas has discovered there  is a working guideline: Canada allows exposures of 833 mG over a 24-hour  period. This is far higher than more progressive countries which limit  average long-term exposure to 3 mG.
  In Israel, it is illegal to sell a house that has more than a 10 mG  magnetic field. Dr. Havas argues that the Canadian limit should be  lowered because of evidence that miscarriages during the first trimester  increase at levels above 16 mG, breast cancer risk is elevated at  long-term average exposures between 2 and 12 mG, and a risk of childhood  leukemia has been documented at exposures of 2 to 4 mG.

Well if that’s the way you want it. I’ll play Mr. Ghost Buster. Booo