So is a CAPHI/NACHI merger out of the question?

Just thought I’d ask.

Boy Nick, you sure like to hang it out there, don’t you.:smiley: :smiley: You mean we’d allow them to convert over to NACHI or what kind of wild idea is swimming around in that head of yours?

Who is CAPHI ???:twisted:

Bill Mullen

Same outfit as CAHPI, but the other guys inspect the Property first, then the Home…thus CAPHI.:wink:

Nick, I think you should send an ambulance team to Roys and Rays homes…I think you just triggered a series of heart attacks:D :smiley: :smiley:


This could be the salvation of the Canadian Home Inspection Industry.
Great idea it would be wonderful for the many Home Inspectors to see what a great open association NACHI is .
No secrets no intimidation from the leaders .
A place where all can voice their thoughts with out repercussion.

NICK you did it again another fantastic idea.

Roy Cooke …

I think the system could be improved if people were not allowed to hide like cowards behind anonymity.

And this comes from the guy who says " Those NACHOS"

Nick I think this poll speaks to your question.

Pulse normal. Blood pressure normal. :slight_smile:

Actually, I can’t take credit for the idea. It was Bill Mullen’s and we’ve been working on a plan to propose to the industry for quite some time.

With CAPHI, NACHI, National Certification, CMI, and the Provinces all thinking about doing something different… maybe it is time to attempt some industry unification.

What a novel idea!!!:slight_smile:

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

If that happens we will just have to start a new assoc. Maybe call it the
National Association of Canadian Home Inspecors. NACHI

Hi Nick, et al.

I think CMI should be submitted to CAHPI for review for compatability et ceteras. Then you can compare oranges to oranges. I agree there is much duplication of services in more than one area.

I don’t think anyone would have any problems with National Certification provided that non members are charged fairly and the process is open and transparent.

There still remain concerns about dual membership and who is beholding to whom.

Happy New Year!

Nick, I think this is one HECK of good idea. I am not sure what the CAPHI guys think of being taken over by NACHI but one thing they can count on is that we would accept them as equals.


By the way, Nick, do you suppose it would be a good idea to include some ACTUAL CANADIAN MEMBERS OF NACHI in any negotiations that might affect both our professional futures and the future of this organization in Canada?

Just a thought.


CMI is not part of the equation. Stick to the possibility of synergies between both associations being nurtured.

Canadian National Certification seems to be what you’re concerned with. Stick with it, and deal with what Nick just tossed out. My personal opinon is that the BS in the form of control, differences in classifications, turf wars, and hard feelings in the Great White North will stymie the process. Nick is a capitalist and libertarian. He , and many other of us, do not believe that government intervention, certification, and control helps anything. Our own licensed states prove its about control, and little else.

History is a great teacher, and if this forum is any indication of harmonious co-existence between Canadian associations, it will be a tough road.


I am not solely concerned with the National. I am concerned as a senior inspector “IN” Canada about the profession and unification through licencing because the self regulating mode is broken. Self regulation has not worked and is not working, nor will it work because of regional differences and special interests.

Canadian members want to set their destiny and the agenda, not what Nick and others think is good for us from their arm chairs in Colorado. I think you will find that many inspectors welcome licencing and will want and do what we determine as a group.

I agree with it being a tough road, I think everyone can see for themselves that CAHPI and the National have and are sending our mixed signals through the two chief spokespersons, Bill Mullen and Dave Bottoms. While Bill has made efforts to smooth things over, Mr. Bottoms has been trying to derail any involvment through subversive posts.

Happy New Year Joe, all the best, your views are appreciated.

I will repeat this one more time:

CAHPI has not sent out mixed signals. I am not here as a ‘spokeperson’ for CAHPI or the National Certification Program’. I am here as an individual home inspector who happens to have a lot of information about a particular topic. I am not speaking for CAHPI and Dave Bottoms has never been empowered to speak on behalf of CAHPI.

CAHPI will not appoint any ‘official spokesperson’ to this group until that person can feel safe that he/she could speak without facing hositlity and derision. I have not heard any discussions mentioning even a slight inclination to open up a dialogue with NACHI.

I agree that any solution must be a Canadiuan solution, but right now Nick and I are having some preliminary discussions on a more general level that have more to do with governance of the two organizations. If it ever reached a point where there was any hope for reconciliation, I would suggest that a Canadian committee should be set up with members from both to hash things out. However, at the moment that’s a pipe-dream.

Also, any talk of merger is premature and purely speculation. I can tell you that it has never been mentioned at any CAHPI Board meeting and is not on their radar. The concept, and that’s all it is right now, is something that came up in conversation between Nick and myself and we both agreed that something needed to be done to help the Canadian Home Inspection industry unify at some level, not necessarily through a merger. There are other ways.

There are no negotiations for people to take part in yet. I am right now the only person I know on the CAHPI side who will even entertain some type of cooperative effort. If I can gather enough positive reasons, I might make a case for something in the future, but that will not be an easy task, given the hostility and misunderstandings on both sides.

Bill Mullen

Okay, I guess all those negative things you have said in the past were irrelevent.

I would suggest to you that Dave Bottoms is speaking on behalf of CAHPI because he is the Editor and his comments under false names speak to his ability to do as he pleases. Just because he posts under false names does not bode well for what CAHPI is trying to do here, and that is mend fences.

I don’t know why Nick would discuss anything with you only because as you have said yourself you are not here in any official capacity. Why Nick would choose to discuss matters with you without any input from the Canadian members is even more disturbing. I think Nick is looking out after his own interests first, no one in Ontario has been consulted as to any discussions.

If you are the only person in Nachi entertaining some sort of co-operative effort, that raises concerns because you just finnished saying that you were here as a non official spokesperson. If you are not the official why is Nick entertaining anything through you. So you must hold some sway in the matter. Perhaps you are putting out feelers in a unofficial capacity as former spokesperson. Perhaps the other directors or President are not confident enough to answer the hard questions which some in CAHPI seem to think attacks.

Nick why haven’t you consulted with Ontario members as to your motives/intentions?

For what it’s worth, I’m actually not Dave Bottoms. This whole notion my posts have been authored by him are nothing more than wild, blind speculation on the part of Raymond and Roy. I have to admit, it’s been hugely entertaining watching them constantly peg me as someone I’m not, and I have done little to dispel the notion, as it suits me fine.

The truth is, I haven’t got a clue who Dave Bottoms is, outside of the couple of archived posts I’ve read by him from years ago, and the trashing he’s taken at Ray’s and Roy’s hand. Frankly, why he does not simply post here and straighten you guys out is really quite puzzling. Maybe he’s banned or something, I don’t know.

As for OAHI and CAHPI and Raymond’s track record, all that information came from various sources through private messages, many from OAHI members and NACHI members alike, but none were from Dave Bottoms. I personally have very little first-hand info on these groups as I am not a member of either. Nor am I on the OAHI bulletin board or the Canuck bulletin board, as Ray constantly insinuates.

Obviously, this will clear nothing up because it seems to be in Ray’s and Roy’s best interest to assume I’m Dave Bottoms. That’s fine by me.

Dave (but you can call me Norm)