So it's okay to allow water to penetrate brick and block foundations and

… install an interior drainage system and 69 sump pumps?
Int systems don’t STOP water from going through/penetrating a dang wall baby

here someone slapped mortar on inside of foundation wall,
1:20 …"foundation experts’, lollll, ‘This is NOT a solution’. Well of course not.

Sellers and realtors think, ‘Oh well let’s pretty it up n slap mortar and tuckpoint the inside’. Well THAT is masking, trying to hide-conceal, existing defects in the dang F wall

Brick foundation walls

So allow water to continue to penetrate block and brick foundation walls and all they need is an interior drainage system and sump pump eh? That’s bullshtt, incompetence, fraud etc

B Dry told this lady she needed a partial interior drainage system cost $5,000 (years ago)

B dorks gave her their estimate before she found my dumb az, i go over and explain to her that she likely has 1 or more deteriorated rod holes and–or a crack in poured wall in this area. Told her imo it would be a good idea to remove some drywall in order to SEE the dang basement wall in this area to, ummmm, identify the problem(s). She hired us after seeing her actual problems, job was done years ago for $1,400 ish, ext-waterproofing which, ummm, STOPPED the water from entering. HAD she hired any INT system company then her mold problem would have continued because those wieners do not STOP water from where it’s entering, they just ‘try’ and redirect it = stupid but they do it because lolll self-gain, best for them


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