Someone HELP!!

My Prof only grades my work and dosnt provide me with the correct answers…SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

Study the photographs below and write a report on this roof.

[li]Your report should:[LIST=1][/li][li]Identify the roofing material[/li][li]Identify the condition of the roofing system[/li][li]Identify deficiencies in the roofing system[/li][li]Document any limitations to your inspection[/li][li]Include recommendations, if any.[/li][/ol]
[li]Is your report complete? What other clues would you look for at this house, that are not shown in these pictures?[/li][/LIST]





I am not in the habit of doing other people’s homework (kids or adults). It is unprofessional of you to come in here to try and get others to do so. Are you going to be one of those inspectors who comes to the message boards every evening and have others write your reports for you? Believe me, they are in here and elsewhere. YOU need to learn the trade and not ask others to do it for you.

Sure i just answered some questions on another post , Now you tell me i helped with home work ,lol;-)

So far he has made only 11 post, every one of them is about different aspects and problems regarding Home Inspections. He is either taking a test of some kind or its homework and he is trying to get others to do the work and it is really frosting my cookies.

Anagram? Marketing Ploy?

Based on the names of the photos I would say it is a Home Inspection course. ("case, study2c, etc.)

Sarkis, my instructional fees are the same as my consulting fees… $150.00 per hour. You can call me, private message, or e-mail me, and we can discuss pre-payment of the set number of hours you would like to purchase.

Let’s see your work. What have you come up with so far? :slight_smile:

11 posts asking others to figure it out for him.

I get this feeling “Sarkis” is someone other than he is appearing to be.

Recommend further investigation of his origin and motive.

i dont know if i have to post this in all the threads but im going to anyways. I apologize for causing such a commotion over a couple of Questions i wanted to know the correct answer for. As you can tell exams are coming up and i want to study for obvious reasons. I will vaguely describe my scenario as i do not want to cause any more commotion. I study at a college in Ontario and my proffs run in class and online courses and mostly everything is through the computer and its quite an annoying and lengthy process,so i thought i would just post them. These are a couple of cases we had to complete earlier in the semester they are not tests or exams as you can see the detailed Questions and pics. I thank Those that took their time and read my posts and i also thank those that actually tried to help me out with my studies. A special thanks goes out to those who decided to try and humiliate me cause they are so cool that they know the answer and they dont want to tell me .WOW i m heartbroken…LOL. Relax dont get all worked up i only asked couple of questions not anything else… (insulting, personal,rude…) BTW i didnt join NACHI because i wanted business i joined so i could further my education and be a better and sure of alot nicer inspector than you(s). There is too much drama and alot of unlayed ppl in here so to clear the air this will be my last post.
Good Luck and Good Health to all my new fellow members. Nick thanks for the support.
p.s. sorry i cant do anything about the getting layed part lol.
oh yeah i forgot it says 24 hr online support from engineers